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After writing nearly every waking moment for the last 2 months, Jason (jcmayer777) and I are nearing completion of our main eBook, and it's several complementary guides. Throughout this process, Jason has conveyed to me how his successes (nearing $500/month on Info Barrel now) were founded on his purchasing of an eHow eBook, and applying its many SEO techniques. Our ultimate goal, however has been to create an eBook that eclipses all other eBooks. Doing so has required nothing short of hard work. We have toiled hours on end, but we are confident that we have created an amazingly outstandingly awesome product that will be very useful to the Info Barrel community, as well as, the many other websites that are currently out there on cyberspace.

For those who are completely new to my eBook development progress updates, I have been essentially using Pat Flynn's (of free 10 article eBook development guide as a bit of a framework governing my own eBook pursuits. With over $5,000 made, on his very first month of selling his eBook, his humility, and willingness to help, has served as an inspiration to me, that I also hope to pass along in these updates.

Before you begin reading this Update, if you have yet to JOIN Info Barrel, you can do so either here [referral link attached], or here [no referral link attached]. (p.s. I take good Care of my referrals...just contact me once you Join, by posting in one of my articles ;) )...just a general word of advice, you really should not join Info Barrel without a referral to take care of you, and take you under their wing.

If you do not want to Sign-up under me, please contact me, and I will link you up with a great person/Info Barrel writer who will take you under their wing, show you the ropes, and help you out where they can. On occasion, once released, free copies of this eBook will be given, for FREE, to one of my referrals, in a completely randomized drawing (I'll probably put all my referral names into my trusty Phillies baseball cap ( it up NY Yankees fans! lol) and draw a name out and contact that person.

For this update, although we are still adding/modifying/ and wrapping up our writing, I would like to provide our outline. While initially hesitant to post this outline, I quickly realized that our eBook is filled with so many screenshots, and personal experiences, that it would be extremely difficult to replicate. Not only that, but we have drawn significantly from the authority knowledge of several external experts on various topics ranging from the use of Twitter and Facebook in conjunction with Info Barrel, to Google Adsense techniques and SEO strategies.

At the time of this writing, the following topics push roughly 90 pages of substantial content. This is only a small part of this project, however.

Where we were unable to integrate several other topics, that we feel are a necessity to this community, we will be packaging alongside our main Info Barrel eBook. Such topics include: Troubleshooting Problem Info Barrel Articles, Overcoming Writer's Block, and Latent Semantic Indexing/Analysis. Not only do we want for this to be a great product, but, we also want it to represent the best of what Info Barrel offers. Strongly believing that Info Barrel will give leading article submission/revenue sharing companies a run for their money, we would like to use this opportunity to portray this website in the best manner possible. With our indepth marketing strategy, we have also made a very very strong and compelling case for Info Barrel, and why online writers should strongly consider making Info Barrel the focal point of their writing endeavors.

This will not be JUST a book, however.

We are tired of the concerns and questions of users, on other similar platforms, constantly going unheard by the highest tiers of management. Info Barrel is a refreshing breathe of fresh air compared to our own experiences with websites like eHow.

For this reason, we have set up an external Info Barrel Success Facebook page where all members can go to to find immediate support, and answers to questions.

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Where we either intentionally, or unintentionally, leave a void of knowledge regarding the many aspects of Info Barrel, on our Facebook Page, you will be able to seek immediate answers to your questions pertaining to Info Barrel. Whether you have purchased the book, or not, we have created this Page for every member here at Info Barrel. We won't shake you down, or question you, with regards to whether or not you purchased. Believe it or not, by helping the collective community EVERYONE benefits through increased search engine visibility, and authority, of Info Barrel's collective database of articles.

This authority will be HUGE and will equate to great earning's potential for the collective.

Without further adue, here is our Outline:



I. Introduction
a. What is Info Barrel?
b. What to expect from this eBook
c. Why write this eBook?
d. Facts about Info Barrel
e. How does Info Barrel Compare to Similar Website Platforms?
f. Why you have picked the right place for your content!
i. The limitations of other Platforms
ii. Why Adsense Ads have been placed where they have been placed.
iii. Info barrel, a force to reckon with
1. Generous Adsense Ad Revenue Share
2. Lucrative imbedded referral program
3. Incentivized Achievements Explained
4. Info Barrel traffic and rank in the last few months
g. Platform functionality Breakdown
h. Editorial Guidelines for Info Barrel
i. Content Qualifications
ii. Format Qualifications
1. Article Title
2. Article Body
3. Website Links/ URLs
4. Tags
5. Categories
iii. Affiliate Programs

II. Basic HTML for Info Barrel
a. What is HTML?
b. What HTML can I use on Info Barrel?
c. Making Hyperlinks
d. Adding HTML to Your Info Barrel Signature Line

III. Using Social Media to Promote Your Info Barrel Articles
a. Info Barrel + Twitter
b. Info Barrel + YouTube
c. Info Barrel + Facebook
d. Use of "competing" sites to drive traffic
i. Squidoo
ii. eHow
iii. Associated Content
iv. Bukisa
v. ArticlesBase
vi. EzineArticles
vii. Limitations and benefits of social media tools
e. Info Barrel + MySpace
f. Info Barrel + LinkedIn
g. Info Barrel + Communities and Forums
h. Creating Your Own Blog
i. Bringing it All Together: a Story

IV. Your Methods to Earn
a. Affiliate link Networks
i. Signing up for + Using Linkshare
ii. Signing up for + Using Commission Junction
iii. Signing up for + Using Amazon Associates
iv. The best affiliates tailored to the theme of your articles
v. Ways to integrate these Affiliates
vi. How to integrate affiliates into Info Barrel
b. Info Barrel Referrals Revealed
i. How-to Increase Your Info Barrel Referrals
ii. How-to Nurture Your Info Barrel Referrals
c. The Importance of Community
i. Friending
ii. Commenting on Other's Articles
iii. Linking to Other's Articles

V. Strategies to Increase Search Engine Visibility
1. Selecting Keywords
a. Keyword tracker tool
i: How to use it
ii: Why it works
iii: Using synomyms to ehance results
iv: Keywords vs key phrases - using both

b: Google Adwords tool
i: How it works
ii: CPC explained
iii: Use of synonyms
iv: High Traffic vs high CPC - How to get both in the same article

c: Competition
i: Comparing long tail keywords to short
ii: Word tracker score vs Google results
iii: Probability of getting first page search results
iv: Offering a better product

2. Keyword density
a: What percent do I use?
i: How do I achieve prime density?
ii: When to vary your percentage
iii: Using multiple keyword phrases for "cross searching"
iv: How long should my article be?
b: Using synonyms effectively
i: Comparing CPC vs Traffic
ii: Synonym density

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....