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For those who are completely new to my eBook development progress updates, I have been essentially using Pat Flynn's (of free 10 article eBook development guide as a bit of a framework governing my own eBook pursuits. With over $5,000 made, on his very first month of selling his eBook, his humility, and willingness to help, has served as an inspiration to me, that I also hope to pass along in these updates.

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If you do not want to Sign-up under me, please contact me, and I will link you up with a great person/Info Barrel writer who will take you under their wing, show you the ropes, and help you out where they can. On occasion, once released, free copies of this eBook will be given, for FREE, to one of my referrals, in a Main eBook Cover Info Barrelcompletely randomized drawing (I'll probably put all my referral names into my trusty Phillies baseball cap ( it up NY Yankees fans! lol) and draw a name out and contact that person.

For this update, although we are still adding/modifying/ and wrapping up our writing, we would like to share with you the "About This eBook" Section that we have written. This section appears in our main eBook, directly before our Outline and main information content. We hope you will enjoy this, and, hopefully it will shed further light on what we will be conveying in our eBook. The depth of strategy and writing has really been quite detailed, and we ultimately hope that the Info Barrel community, as a whole, can benefit from this writing. In the meantime, we are also addressing several other aspects of this project simultaneously. We will provide more information about those things, at a later date.

Writer's Block Info Barrel eBook GuideAbout This eBook

"Whether you are new to the arena of article submission and revenue sharing websites, or you are a seasoned veteran who has been realizing a great passive income for years, earning online has been proven to be very difficult to achieve and sustain. For each person who is successful with their online endeavors, there appears to be thousands of other people who can't seem to catch a break. Where a plethora of opportunities abound, it is oftentimes the most difficult to distinguish a 'scam' from a true passive income enhancing opportunity. We are here to tell you that, while article submission can be a tricky skill to learn at least initially, there really is a complex science governing your success in this industry online. Through the correct application of the strategies and principles that we reveal in this eBook, and its several complementary guides, we strongly believe that we can help you realize a success similar to our own.

This eBook was birthed as a result of a continual partnership and collaboration between two of the Info Barrel Community's most esteemed members. In absolute humility, however, we have dedicated ourselves to providing this community with not only informative and helpful articles, but, we have also welcomed new comers with a variety of constructive criticism and feedback. Long after this eBook is released, we will continue to 'give-back' because we know that we all have a vested interest in the success of the collective. It is our strong hope that we will inspire others to utilize Info Barrel, in conjunction with various other social media platforms, in order to realize the great passive income success that we have.
Troubleshooting Info Barrel eBook Guide
The Info Barrel Success eBook has been written in order to teach you many of the same tips, tricks, and strategies that we have both applied to help significantly improve our passive residual income online. Where any void in knowledge exists, whether intentionally or unintentionally, we have exerted great effort to address these deficiencies entirely in both our massive Info Barrel collection of articles. If you can't find what you are looking for here, chances are you will find it there. If you can't find it there, please contact us, and we will write about it for you, free of charge, for your access and review.

First, we will introduce you to the Info Barrel website platform. Because it is difficult to know where exactly each reader's knowledge base lies, we will begin with what we deem the most fundamental aspects of Info Barrel. As an emerging powerhouse in the article submission, revenue sharing, industry, we also believe that it is imperative that we contrast the strengths and limitations of Info Barrel in relation to its nearest competitors. While this eBook, and its several complementary guides, have managed to produce a strong stance in favor of Info Barrel, from here on out, we ask that you begin to tailor your thinking towards addressing Info Barrel as a very large piece in an even larger passive income puzzle. For your consumption and consideration, our fictional story of 'Mrs. Smith' will bring many of our principles to light through an easy to understand, yet progressive, story of one woman's pursuit to establish herself as an authority online. With the help of the Info Barrel website platform as an essential tool, you will see just how she managed to realize online success with simply a computer, a mouse, a hint of passion, and a vision.

LSI Info Barrel eBook GuideLastly, while you may be able to find bits and pieces of this eBook's substantial content elsewhere both online and offline, you will not be able to find our own creative applications of this material that has been founded on personal experience. While others may intentionally keep certain aspects of this material a secret, for their own personal reasons, once again, we do realize that our success is directly related and attributable to the collective success of the Info Barrel community. This is a point that is very important for you to understand, and it will be revisited several times, in greater detail, throughout the duration of this eBook.

With that said enjoy the ride and please feel free to contact us, through whatever means is most convenient to you, if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever."

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