Having been entirely new to the eBook development process prior to beginning, it's no surprise that it has taken myself, and my partner, Jason (Info Barrel contributor, jcmayer777), this long to complete this project. Where it may have taken others a lot less longer to do exactly the same thing as we have been doing, we are very determined to make this product as top-notch as we possibly can. We have essentially taught ourselves just about everything from the ground up, since beginning. The one thing we did cling on to, however, was the belief that we could mesh our skill in writing with our lessons learned on Info Barrel to create an amazing product detailing the most intricate tips, tricks, and strategies governing our own Info Barrel success.

At the time of this update, Jason is quickly approaching $500/month in residual income off of his Info Barrel articles. Main eBook Cover for Info Barrel

While others, on similar platforms, can boast of much greater earnings, the truth is, we strongly believe that his earning will only increase as Info Barrel continues to gain great favor in the most frequently searched search engines. This, we believe, is true for every Info Barrel writer who has the patience and dedication necessary to see Info Barrel surpass some of the most prominent websites in the article submission/revenue sharing industry. Info Barrel's business plan and superior customer service speaks for itself. Both Jason and I believe that it is only a matter of time before Info Barrel begins flirting with the elite websites in this industry.

TroubleShooting Guide for InfoBarrelWhile we are nearing completion of this massive project, we are still going through our writing with a fine-tooth comb. Diverging greatly from what we have both experienced with eBook in the past, our main eBook, alone, has so much content that it is approaching almost 115 pages single spaced. As I had detailed in a previous update, I can recall, at one time, purchasing an eBook [about Google Adsense] for nearly $97 (believe it, or not). From what I can remember, this eBook didn't even remotely approach having nearly 1/4 of the content we have provided in just our main eBook alone. When all is said and done, our final package will be pushing 300-350 pages combined, single spaced, with beautiful screenshots provided for your ease of understanding. When we touch on topics such as SEO and Keyword research, it was absolutely imperative, for the sake of learning, that we integrate quality pictures in order to demonstrate many of the steps that we have taken to excel on Info Barrel.

For those who are completely new to my eBook development

progress updates, I have been essentially using Pat Flynn's (of SmartPassiveIncome.com) free 10 article eBook development guide as a bit of a framework governing my own eBook pursuits. With over $5,000 made, on his very first month of selling his eBook, his humility, and willingness to help, has served as an inspiration to me, that I also hope to pass along in these updates. Writer's Block eBook Guide for InfoBarrel

Before you begin reading this Update, if you have yet to JOIN Info Barrel, you can do so either here [referral link attached], or here [no referral link attached]. (p.s. I take good Care of my referrals...just contact me once you Join, by posting in one of my articles ;) )...just a general word of advice, you really should not join Info Barrel without a referral to take care of you, and take you under their wing.

If you do not want to Sign-up under me, please contact me, and I will link you up with a great person/Info Barrel writer who will take you under their wing, show you the ropes, and help you out where they can. On occasion, once released, free copies of this eBook will be given, for FREE, to one of my referrals, in a completely randomized drawing (I'll probably put all my referral names into my trusty Phillies baseball cap (Cringe...lol...laugh it up NY Yankees fans! lol) and draw a name out and contact that person.

LSI eBook Guide for InfoBarrelFor this update, we thought it would be a great idea to begin sharing some of the writing we have done this far. For the chapter previous to this chapter, we actually spoke very much in detail about different strategies that one can use to promote their Info Barrel articles through Web 2.0 Social Media Websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. While we have extracted some examples from external resources written by authorities in their respective industries, we also go on to detail real applications of Social Media that both I have personally utilized to be so successful on Info Barrel. While I consider Social Media promotion to be my strongest area, it only made sense for Jason, with his rather substantial earnings, to conquer our SEO Guide project, as well as, our Guide to LSI/LSA (Latent Semantic Indexig/Analysis)

Excerpt from Main eBook

I. Creative Ways to Promote Your Info Barrel Articles Beyond Social MediaResource Toolkit for InfoBarrel

Compare Info Barrel Spreadsheet

"For those Info Barrel writers who may not feel overly confident with promoting their articles through the various forms of Social Media provided above, great inspiration for advertising your articles can be derived from the activities that you do every day. The truth is, sometimes social media can be a very difficult avenue to leverage for traffic unless, of course, one has an online profile and a rather 'influential' presence online already. For most people, especially those who are just beginning to establish themselves on any social network, this may be a very difficult thing to do. While it should not be neglected as at least one viable avenue in your overall article promotion strategy, there are many other things you can do to promote your Info Barrel articles.

Of all the chapters in this eBook, this chapter could very well be the one most capable of driving the most targeted, and relevant, traffic to your Info Barrel articles. The information provided in this chapter is actually a major factor that serves to differentiate the highest earners, on any website platform, versus those who are just struggling to get by. For once, it is entirely possible to make huge sums of money without doing very much at all. In fact, in the following instances, your volume of articles may not matter so much as your ability to produce one or two very high quality articles.

Before we move on, it is very important to realize that there are essentially three types of people who you can attract to your Info Barrel articles. For each one, the information you present, and the ways you go about getting these people to see your articles, could actually be welcomed or unwelcomed.

1) People who want information, but don't know it yet.

SEO Guide for InfoBarrelSometimes people don't recognize their own need for information. Believe it or not, there is a huge market to address these people's needs long before they even realize it. This is why massive websites like WebMD have been founded online. Not everyone will need this information, all the time, however, WebMD has provided an awesome website platform where information is organized and presentable in a manner where that same information can be disseminated seamlessly with a simple click of a mouse button.

While some may explore their website knowing full-well what exact information they hope to find, there are quite a few people that may come across it in passing. As they explore their website, for one reason or another, they may find information that is particularly relevant to them. Even with no intent to read more about it, at least initially, familial history of disease processes could cause one to gravitate towards a section about risk factors for heart disease or diabetes. Regardless of what website I am viewing, I have done this, and I'm sure this may be something you can relate to, as well.

This case of potential Info Barrel article traffic can be leveraged significantly.

2) People who want information, and know it.

These people will deliberately pull up Google, and make an exact query for the information they are looking for. They will be very cautious and meticulous with even the most remote detail of their query, in hopes of gaining significant search engine results that are tailored to exactly what they are looking for. Whether they are looking for a specific recipe or are attempting to learn how-to change a car's oil, they will ravage through the top served Google results with great resolve and determination to find the methodology presented that appears to be the most accurate, and that will simply get the job done without expending significant monetary and physical resources.

This case of potential Info Barrel article traffic can be leveraged significantly, as well.

3) People who don't want information, and know it.

No matter how many hours of the day you spend tailoring your well-thought out Info Barrel articles to being interesting and compelling, there will simply be those people who don't care about what you are writing about. While some may read your article to be courteous, there will be those individuals who would rather not give you a second of their day. If they come across your article, they may read a word or two of your article title, yet, completely ignore its contents only to gravitate back to their Facebook account almost as quickly as they had found your article. There is little value chasing after this particular breed of online surfer because you can simply capitalize significantly on the previous case of people mentioned."

Stay tuned for our Next Update! In the meantime, here is a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet that we have been working on detailing the specific variations in functionality and offerings of 'similar' website platforms, as compared to Info Barrel.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....