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Rome wasn't built in a day.
In our own little corner of Cyberspace, it may actually appear to be really quite arrogant or prideful to compare Jason (jcmayer777) and my writing to anything that remotely parallels the glory of "Rome": one of the largest, and most influential, empires ever devised by man. Since beginning our eBook project on October 15th, 2009, we are nearing our three month anniversary of writing, and developing, a simple eBook that has gradually evolved into more of a "course" or "system", than "just" an eBook.

This wasn't the intent in the beginning.

In fact, our goals have remained humble, but our collective vision has become really quite complex. To explain a project, of this nature, to family members has become almost always greeted with a resounding "It's too difficult to explain. I'll print you off a copy when it's finished". The truth is, while Info Barrel grows significantly with each day, compared to the 6,000,000,000+ (errr...BILLION) people in the world, not that many people have ever heard of Info Barrel, or the massive booming "How-to" industry, either. Social media, in itself, has become a lurking reality that only the most diligent, and 'current', of internet users are really beginning to grasp. Some say that it'll still be years into the future until many people even view our eBook project as "legitimate", under the evident guise of a market that has been sold hard on the benefits of print media, at least since Gutenberg first arrived on the scene with a revolutionary way to reach the masses.

Things have evolved since then. Did anyone expect anything less?

One of our goals is to make Info Barrel one of the best communities on the internet. Admittedly, we do do this with a hint of self-servitude because we know full well that as Info Barrel gains a massive database of quality articles, as well as passionate and dedicated writers, the collective community of Info Barrel stands a much greater chance of earning. With greater search engine visibility, and favor, we are truly convinced that each individual Info Barrel writer will realize much greater individual monetary ($$$) success. Even if just for this reason alone, the title "Info Barrel Success" is more than appropriate for our eBook Course.

Amongst an array of social media constructs, Info Barrel has clearly emerged as a rapidly-growing, yet, under-recognized, platform. With our eBook project, we hope to gain visibility of Info Barrel (the website and company), and its functionality benefits, in an evolving market. This increase in awareness, and utilization, we truly believe will only serve to benefit ($$$) each individual writer who applies the patience and dedication to see their writing endeavors succeed. If I can recollect correctly, someone once referenced the "How-to" article content industry as being "massive", however, in the same sentence, they viewed this potential for growth and expansion as only being in it's "infancy". Much like others who have come before, we anticipate Info Barrel's influence to expand so greatly that it will not become uncommon to find Info Barrel related hard cover books adorning the shelves of stores such as Barnes and Nobles and Borders Bookstores. managed to do this, and, we do not believe that Info Barrel is very far from succeeding in this realm of influence.

Where does this notion leave Info Barrel in this equation? Could it be possible that Info Barrel, and it's determined staff, are about to take their dedicated and passionate writers on a journey towards great online success? One thing is for sure, our Platform Functionality graph, available at the tail end of this article, only seems to validate the notion that Info Barrel truly has a winning combination of transparency and outstanding customer service, in order to realize great success amongst the most Elite in this industry.

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Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....

Our Main eBook's Introduction:

"Our entire modern technological landscape has been revolutionized by the Internet. It has changed the way people do just about everything. From simply networking, to planning events like weddings and company outings, the Internet now plays a tremendously intricate role that many have become increasingly reliant upon. It has changed lifestyles, and the livelihood of many, so much so that things that were once impossible have been made into a more obtainable reality. While absolutely inundated with revenue (and passive income) enhancing potential, the greatest and biggest change that the online world has brought about lies within the field of information submission and production.



Fervent internet users can now gain instant access to just about anything. Because of this, the Internet has become an all-in-one solution for the things you are searching for and are passionate about. With a massive expanse of users at their very fingertips, the field that has benefited the most from these changes has been the field of marketing. Advertisers have found a new means by which to reach their target market audience and actually turn their hopeful prospects into profits. Content has the most significant impact on the success of these marketing efforts.



As a freelance writer, this means so much to you. This is mainly because it has become entirely possible to get paid for your work, to harness your talent and to turn it into an extremely profitable venture. As the Internet's global user base grows in numbers and marketers are more and more interested in investing in order to reach those users, other businesses have also sprung up to cater to this escalating need. This necessity has brought about the birth of article submission and revenue sharing website platforms. Gradually emerging as one of the leading authorities in an ever-crowded industry, Info Barrel is one such website platform."

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