Within the last 2-3 months of developing our eBook course, to say that the stars have essentially aligned (in our favor) in just about every aspect of this project would be a bold understatement. Not only has an amazing climate been conditioned pertaining to revenue-sharing websites, but, on a broader spectrum, Jason and I are convinced that Info Barrel could very well represent one of the best passive income opportunities currently online. Outside of beginning one's own blog, and hosting their own advertisements, revenue sharing websites, like Info Barrel, are truly turning out to be the wave of the future. In the arena of website and blog development, it is becoming increasingly difficult to Earn. Many niches are incredibly saturated, and most people don't have the time to exert tremendous effort towards not only setting up a domain and hosting, but the only people who REALLY make money with this strategy are those who have been established for a very long time, have achieved an influential online persona, and have a dedicated reader base who is reading and willing to whip out their pocket books to purchase every product that person recommends.

Those who are new to setting up a website, and hosting their own advertisements (on Google, etc.), have found it increasingly difficult to earn from simple "clicks" on those advertisements. Whether dealing with affiliations or hosted Google Adsense Advertisements, many people exert great hours towards generating content that may or may not ever be seen. The ability to achieve greatness online as an individual, while still possible, is slowly declining under numerous opportunities involving "group-think" and collective content production business models. Where one person alone would have significant difficult producing thousands upon thousands of pieces of awesome content, revenue sharing websites like Info Barrel actually have established authority and favor in the search engines already. They have a massive database of articles that are indexed high in Google, and, with time, the potential for earning will only become greater.

This means that, all variables aside, the same article that you would post to your blog, had it been posted to Info Barrel, would stand a much greater chance of being seen. With increased authority and search engine visibility comes greater opportunity for revenue generation through Google Adsense ad "clicks". With the "How-to" article industry booming (it will only get bigger), Info Barrel does many things that similar websites don't do. At the tail end of this update, like other previous updates, I have included a chart that demonstrates the downfalls and deficiencies in similar website platform functionality, as they relate to Info Barrel.

You found Info Barrel. Now, where does that put You?

Regardless of your experience level with earning online, no matter who you are, as mentioned above, it is becoming increasingly difficult to develop a following by simply having a website or blog. This is precisely why so many people have turned to revenue-sharing article submission website platforms. Unless you are very lucky and find an amazing, untapped, niche the truth is that passive income generating potential is gradually shifting from the individual, to the established authority that comes from collective contributions to an outstanding website platform.

Just look at some of the most popular websites in the world. While some may be individual blogs, most involve interfaces that people have ingeniously structured to facilitate the collective sharing of knowledge. Very soon developing your own website, upon your own hard labor, will become a relic of the past. It may take some people a while to realize that.

Serious earning online has clearly shifted to the website platforms that exhibit the best potential for longterm growth and viability, amongst a plethora of other companies that display subtle differences in the most fundamental of business models and platform functionality. (See Chart Below)

Your decisions, now, is becoming a little different.

While a team of savvy web developers may be able to start an awesome website from the ground up, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that the everyday lay person (like you and I) will be able to establish and solidify themselves as an authority in any niche. Your decision now has become more closely paralleled towards educating yourself about what content submission website is the best fit for you and your passive income goals rather than attempting to do it all on your own. Fortunately, many of the below listed website platforms have provided the inherent functionality that will allow you to establish yourself as an authority, within their system, if only you work hard enough.

By using Info Barrel as a tool, you can accomplish a variety of things that you would otherwise be unable to do. As mentioned before, you have the awesome ability to establish yourself as an authority in your chosen niche by submitting quality, related, content. You can further use all these web 2.0 platforms in conjunction in conjunction with each other to boost your visibility.

With Squidoo and Info Barrel as my two websites of choice, I further explain this in my eBook. At the tail end of the two major sections of our eBook, I take you through the fictional story of a woman who found online success by using many of these social media platforms in conjunction. Even though she eventually found Info Barrel's inviting platform functionality to be the most trusted, and largest piece of an even larger passive income pie strategy, she did not completely disregard the power of similar platforms in helping to enhance her revenue generating potential.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....

Info Barrel Comparison Chart Spread Sheet