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Seventeen eBook Course "status updates" later, and we don't blame you one bit if you are subconsciously thinking "Not another eBook update! When are these guys gonna finally release this thing!". The truth is, however, that we can't begin to explain just how monumental this project has become. As we continually identified 'needs' of the collective Info Barrel community, it became clear that we simply couldn't provide the best quality product if we were to just release one eBook. Knowing full well that writers on Info Barrel also write for several other websites concurrently, both Jason and I felt very strongly that we had to do everything within our power to provide a 'Last-stop' resource for writers, regardless of where they choose to submit content.

As much as we would love to see you write for Info Barrel, we just had to make our eBook intentionally flexible so that you can use it whether you write for eHow, Squidoo, HubPages, Triond, Xomba, Bukisa, Associated Content, or a variety of other similar websites. So, while the name "Info Barrel" appears just about everywhere on our eBook course, it's contents, principles, and strategies are in no ways limited to just your thoughtful application to the Info Barrel platform. In fact, we have taken great strides to ensure that our Social Media Promotion principles and Search Engine Optimization strategies can be applied regardless of where you choose to write.

In preparation for our eBook Course launch, we thought it would be a great idea to begin giving you all a sneak preview of testimonials that have been filtering in. Before launching any product, whether it be a Swiffer or a George Foreman Grill, it was absolutely imperative that we filtered our product out to certain individuals (Bloggers, and Info Barrel members), in order to garner the best possible feedback and suggestions. The last thing we had wanted to do was release a garbage product, or simply one that failed to adequately meet our customer's needs. We have read the eBooks of those who have written them for 'similar' website platforms, and we have also read their reviews across cyberspace. We have expounded upon their strengths, and addressed their limitations and weaknesses.

We truly believe that we have developed the best possible product for writers who are hoping to earn from the submission of articles of content, regardless of whether you choose to write for Info Barrel, or for a variety of other website platforms. Moving forward, we would just like you all to know that one of the reasons why this is taking so long is because the sheer amount of substantial content we have provided. Where others were satisfied with charging quite a hefty sum for a single eBook that was 30-50 pages long, our Main eBook alone, is well over 160 pages (Single-spaced, 12-Font).

Each one of our complementary guides is roughly 30-50 pages long, and is filled with quite a few screenshots, strategies, techniques, and personal experiences of trial and error. We weren't satisfied with providing you with a mediocre product. We truly believe that this product will ultimately make the Info Barrel community better, resulting in a higher quality of content, that will ultimately benefit everyone involved (because of the direct correlation to higher Google Favor, and individual earning's potential). This book, we believe, will be the impetus to taking Info Barrel to the next level.

The Most Important Part to YOU:

Jason and I are both exploring the potential for an affiliate program. While this may not be available immediately upon product launch, we do have plans to launch one eventually, based upon how the 'market' reacts initially to the introduction of our product. Our having an affiliate program means that YOU will be able to earn on this product, as well. We would be lying to you if we said we didn't want our product to sell, however, we do also realize that ALOT of Info Barrel members currently write for similar website platforms, as well (HubPages? eHow? Squidoo? Suite101?). An affiliate program will allow YOU to earn a percentage of each sale of our eBook Course. Not only do we want to sell our product, but we want to take you along for the ride, and give you an opportunity to earn from our product, as well.

While you don't have to do this, our SUGGESTION to you would be to begin solidifying a presence for yourself on similar platforms. Writing articles about the potential of Info Barrel can be a great way to not only increase your referrals here, but, when our affiliate program is launched and banners are provided, you will be able to capture sales, and earn a commission on each one. If needed, feel free to use our Website Comparison Chart Graph for your writing endeavors, on similar platforms.

To Put This Potential in Even Greater Perspective:
  • HubPages Currently has over 125,000+ Members!
  • Squidoo has over 1,024,000+ Members Registered on it's Forum, Alone!
  • eHow sees at least 180,000,000+ Annual Visitors!
(Not Only Will This Product Give us ALL an Opportunity to Earn More, but it will also Give us the Opportunity to make Info Barrel the BEST, most frequented, website on the Internet!)

The aforementioned websites may be the most popular currently, but do any of them come even remotely close to the generosity behind Info Barrel's Revenue Share Model?

We are giving EVERYONE who sees this post a MAJOR Head-Start here! Develop your online presence, direct users to Info Barrel, grow this platform, and you WILL stand a chance to earn a significant amount with our Affiliate program!

Stay-Tuned for Future Updates!
Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....

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  • Over 6,000 Members and Growing VERY quickly!
  • Over 16,000 Articles Submitted! = 5 Encyclopedias!
  • A Bunch of Companies that Wish Info Barrel Would Just Go Away!
  • I consistently Earn 90% of Google Adsense Revenue Share Every Month!
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