After over 4 months of writing, and 17-status updates later, Jason and I are proud to announce that we have finally officially launched our Info Barrel Success eBook Article Writing Mastery System. There are a variety of reasons as to why it took so long to release this course, and we would like to openly apologize for the time we made you wait. 

Among these reasons are:

1) Not only did we want to create a superior product, but we also felt a strong moral and ethical obligation (to YOU) to make a very compelling case for why we truly believe Info Barrel, as a website platform, has the management, offerings, and functionality that has simply revolutionized the article writing, submission and revenue share industry. Not only did we have to thoroughly test the platform through over 5 months of submitting close to 600 articles combined, but we also had to PROVE that, with certain refined methods and strategies, that people can earn much more on Info Barrel than any other residual website. 

Because of the general evolution of the internet, as well as dynamic ever-changing business models, it was nothing short of a continual (and, sometimes "frustrating") process trying to poke holes in the business models and offerings of other similar website platform business models. While we are strong believers that any one can run their company and business the way in which they feel is best, we also felt it our obligation to significantly highlight those aspects of Info Barrel's business model and offerings that simply dwarf even the most Elite of revenue share websites online. 

(We fully expect our website comparison chart, displayed in our WSO thread (link provided below to thread), to cause some serious waves in the industry. In fact, we anticipate that it may single-handedly force online revenue share websites to actually have to change or adjust their offerings, business models, and revenue share. While these people do have businesses to run, we do not feel there is anything wrong with writers naturally gravitating to the website(s) that offer them the most in return. Shouldn't this be expected? With this course, We simply laid out our research of various website's TOS and FAQs, especially those that are, by virtue of their consistent high search engine ranking, "leaders" in this industry.)

2) In order to create a superior product, we had to do a significant amount of research. We spent hundreds of dollars purchasing (and reading) both eBooks (released for similar website platforms), as well as hard-cover books that we purchased at bookstores like Barnes and Nobles. We have read as many products of "competitors" as possible, we have expounded upon their strengths, and we have addressed their weaknesses and limitations. From providing pages of screenshots to detailed strategies, we strongly believe we have created the "Authority" course for writing online. 

3) In order to create a superior product, we had to PROVE that it can do what it claims to do. This took time.

In all the time that we have spent writing and researching, both Jason and I had to individually prove that our methods and strategies work. Our earnings, thusfar, demonstrate that, but we took it a step further. 

As we refined our strategies and methods, Jason has pushed his earnings near $1,000 per month. The reason why this accomplishment is so particularly significant is because he has managed do two things:

  • He has been able to generate earnings that are comparable to the highest earners on websites that have been established for a very long time.

  • These consistent monthly earnings have been generated on a website platform that currently has only a fraction of the pre-established search engine authority that website do that are ranked significantly higher.

We could do nothing else, and I am 110% confident that, as our articles mature and Info Barrel becomes a formidable powerhouse in this industry, that the articles we have written already (with our strategies and methods applied) will earm us significantly more. In fact, when Info Barrel is ranked as high as other leading competing websites, current earnings trends indicate that Jason will be earning in the vicinity of $3,000-$5,000 per month simply by writing for Info Barrel. 

4) Throughout the production of this eBook, we had wanted to safeguard the most PURE comparison of strictly revenue share capabilities of Info Barrel, in relation to other similar websites. This means that Jason's earnings were the direct result of pure revenue share, without a single affiliate link added to any of his articles. Again, his earnings were the result of pure 90% revenue share.

(Imagine how much his revenue will drastically increase when he simply integrates contextual affiliate links (per Info Barrel policy) into his 300+ current Info Barrel articles? With the current traffic both our articles receive, affiliate links, we believe, will substantially increase our earnings that were received purely just from revenue share.)

5) In order to facilitate the same transparency that we believe should be demanded in this entire industry, we went to great lengths to provide upwards of 18 Status Updates (on the progress of this course), over the course of it's 5 months of development. All these status updates are thoroughly written about our ideas, lessons learned, as well as, research conducted regarding both Info Barrel, as well as it's nearest competitors online.

6) As researched various similar website platforms in relation to Info Barrel, we began to realize that this project was seriously embroiled in complexity and controversy. Not only that, but, throughout our development of this course, we also caught onto a few clear trends of increasing user disgruntlement with website platforms that have failed to integrate fundamental transparency and customer service to its users. It was through our own experiences, as well as the documented experiences of others, that we were able to mount a very very compelling case against even the most Elite websites in this industry.

We have officially released this course, at a very highly discounted price, on, in their WSO (Warrior Special Offer) section of their forum. Our thread is entitled "Generous Fast-Growing Website Forges HUGE Competition for Elites: Squidoo, HubPages, EZA, and eHow" and our website comparison chart, as well as, our intricately worded sales copy can be read there.

Bear in mind that, while this is a "Warrior Special Offer", you do not have to be registered for a Warrior Forum account in order to purchase.

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