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While I officially deem yesterday (15Oct2009) the very first day of my eBook production journal log, the truth is, a decent amount of work and effort has gone into this process already. Whether fine tuning the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aspects of my own company's website, or engaging in one of my many other online ventures, I have already done a significant amount of research on a variety of subjects that should certainly contribute to my making this eBook a success. I admit, however, that it's very easy to succumb to the temptation to become very unorganized, especially when the overwhelming feelings and anxiousness coupled with a sheer passion to succeed, make me almost too impatient to conquer small chunks at a time.

I want the entire mountain. Now.

Even on my second "official" day of this process, I realize that I will constantly have to keep my anxious spirit in check with the organizational framework that Pat has provided in his free eBook development guide. As I jot down notes, I realize that I have some great thoughts; however, they are very disorganized, as I already want to speed through the process with the adrenaline of a high school linebacker doped up on 5 cans of Monster Energy Drink. My thoughts and ideas are brewing, and I want to get them out onto paper, as soon as possible, although, taking my time may actual be the best course of action, especially when I want to create the best product possible.

Ultimately, I want people to benefit from this eBook, so, I want to do it right from the get-go. It's the only way to approach this project, both for myself, as well as, future readers of my eBook.

For those who have yet to read my first eBook development update, I am essentially utilizing Pat Flynn's (of SmartPassiveIncome.com) free eBook development guide as a framework for my idea progression and execution of my own eBook. While others actually charge for an awesome guide like this, Pat has offered it for completely free of charge. In fact, while you continue to read my journal article entries here on Info Barrel, you can also feel free to follow along with these steps on his website.

My Yellow Notebook is already saturated with ideas.

Because his eBook development guide is really THAT engaging, I admit, I did read through all 10 of his articles in one sitting. While I did that, I did take some awesome notes, and expounded on his ideas with my own ideas about how I can personalize my own eBook, and put to practice some creative methods to making my own eBook a success, in my chosen Niche.

As you can see from my first page of notes, on my bright yellow notebook paper (lol....it doesn't look "brite yellow" in the picture)(I'll work on the organization a little more, as well as the legibility, for my next updates!), it has been very easy for my thoughts to diverge into several other aspects of this process. Fortunately, in order to keep my own eager tendencies in check, I have made an initial note to myself to continually check back on Pat Flynn's eBook development series. The truth is it is very easy for one's mind to wander into very pertinent topics like fair pricing, Page #1 of Notesresearch, landing page development, and affiliate integration. After all, these are all very critical aspects of this eBook development process that could clearly "make or break" the overall success of my eBook when it's finally released.

For now, I will start with his very first article in his eBook development guide:

1) How to Publish an Ebook Series – Part 1 – Hard Copy vs. Ebook

As you can see from my continual chosen title for this Info Barrel journal article log series, I have already chosen that writing an eBook, over producing my book in hard copy, is what I really want to do. Admittedly, I had chosen that this was the best course for me to take, however, it wasn't until reading Pat's post, as well as further researching, that I became aware of many positive aspects of developing an eBook over publishing a book in hard copy.

The list of Pros- and Cons- to both, little to my previous knowledge, is really that extensive in nature. Not only did Pat do a very great job at delineating these differences, but his list was actually comparable to the entry for "eBook" in Wikipedia. Of course, since this eBook development project will be uniquely my own, I had to sort through the Pros- and Cons- significantly, and try to further explore whether hard copy, or eBook, was the best way for me to go in this process. Like many people who may be at this initial stage, as I have already learned, it is important for you to evaluate a variety of factors related to your own budget, as well as, the medium that you believe, based on research, that your target audience/niche would more inclined to read.

Let's face it, even though eBooks are becoming very popular nowadays, especially with the release of new technologies like Amazon's kindle, there are many people that still prefer the comfort, and tangibility, of a hard cover bound book nestled safely between their delicate hands. This is a very real element of interest that I had to consider, in relation to the population, of which's needs I am hoping to address with the release of my eBook. In niches that are geared towards making passive income, it serves to reason that one may gravitate to an eBook, because that target audience will, more than likely, want that pertinent data available to them, as soon as possible, so that they can immediately begin applying what they have learned.

In a world where time is money, this makes all the sense in the world.

For those who are interested in reading great detailed lists about the Pros- and Cons- of writing an eBook versus writing a book in hard cover format, I have to proudly direct you either to Pat's own website, to Wikipedia, or you can read my notes which are essentially a combination of the two. Because there is really alot of information available here, in my next update, I will expand on my own thinking, into context of my own unique eBook project. Pat provides some awesome reading, however, we both have chosen separate niches, and, for that reason, I do expect some considerations to be slightly different.

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