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As you can tell by my consistent titling of these Info Barrel journal article entries (Above!), I have already decided that it is in my best interest to pursue an eBook, as opposed to publishing my first book in hard cover.

While it is true that many people particularly gravitate towards the old-time 'warmth' and 'comfort' of being able to grasp a real, tangible, hard cover book between their eager hands,

I am fully convinced that my chosen population/niche's needs can be best addressed through the production and delivery of a quality eBook.

And, I am determined to make this eBook a very awesome, and valuable, resource that will be able to be used by both current members of the Info Barrel community, as well as, disgruntled (and, non-disgruntled) stragglers that find their way to Info Barrel from various other online communities that are simply unable, or unwilling, to address their freelance writing needs. In an era where competition within the article submission, revenue sharing, industry is brewing, I am a firm believer that the business plan of Info Barrel is solid, and will attract extremely loyal, life long, users. Where other similar website platforms leave off in lacking earnings transparency, unclear guidelines and user expectations, as well as, faulty customer service, the Info Barrel platform makes up for tremendously. For this reason, creating an eBook about Info Barrel is clearly the next logical step in my passionate online endeavors.

For those who have yet to read my first eBook development update, that may be a great place to begin, in order to familiarize yourself with what I am doing, and what I hope to achieve, in my project of creating my own eBook. I am essentially utilizing Pat Flynn's (of SmartPassiveIncome.com) free eBook development guide as a framework for my idea progression and execution of this eBook. While others actually charge for an awesome guide like this, Pat has offered it for completely free of charge. In fact, while you continue to read my journal article entries here on Info Barrel, you can also feel free to follow along with these steps on his website.

With that said, I don't feel that I have given my decision to pursue an eBook, rather than publish a book in hard cover, adequate attention in my previous Info Barrel journal log update. For that reason, in this article, I will further delineate many of my own eBook versus Hard Cover book considerations, within the context of my own personal eBook project. Needless to say, the arguments for, and against, both forms of media are really quite extensive and could really garner several other journal article entries in order to cover more thoroughly.

My Initial exposure to these differences actual came from Pat's free 10 article eBook development guide. Both for myself, as well as others who may be contemplating pursuing their own similar eBook project, I have included a comparison, and contrast, both here, and on the screenshot of my actual hand-written notes, above.

Disadvantages of an eBook
(and my thoughts in relation to my own eBook Project!)

1) Reading an eBook does require the use of an external device, or extra software. Even if readers already have a computer, they may require extra software in order to view it. In the context of my own eBook project, I don't expect this to be an issue with my chosen niche, however, dependent upon your own niche, this may be something to consider.

2) An actual small, hard cover book is more convenient to carry around than an eBook reader device. Because of the nature of the content I will be providing to my readers, coupled with the inherent importance and immediacy of application, I don't expect my chosen population to be interested in venturing outside of their own home with my content. In fact, I truly expect them to be interested in reading it right within the comfort of their own home, and I expect them to want to apply the creative, Info Barrel, money making methods that I have learned (and will document) immediately. After all, the more quickly they read my eBook, the more quickly they can go about implementing the ideas, and can see a difference in their Google adsense revenue.

3) Many disadvantages of eBooks revolve around the use, and susceptibilities, of eBook readers. I truly believe that the majority of my target audience won't use an eBook reader, in comparison to the quick and easy access to my eBook on their computer. Issues like 'preventing eBook reader drop damage', and 'preventing eBook reader theft' aren't very applicable to this endeavor, at least I believe.

4) The ease of piracy, in relation to eBooks, is a very real reality that, like Pat expressed in his articles, basically just comes with the territory. In fact, while it may cut revenue ever so slightly, I guess I can take it as a complement that people find my eBook so useful that they want to share it with friends, whether legally or illegally. I do realize that I may have very little control over this occurrence, and Pat even documents, in his articles, how people reported back to him just how helpful his eBook was, and that they actual took it upon themselves to share it with others.

5) With an eBook there is an inherent loss of the aesthetic 'look' and 'feel' of being able to grasp a hard cover book between your hands. With context of my target audience, I believe that their desire to learn, and apply my methods immediately, will strongly outweigh these extrinsic qualities that are common to hard cover books. I don't believe that they will be interested in waiting a few days, for the arrival of their real, hard cover book, when they could begin reading, and applying the knowledge they obtained immediately. Time equates to money and, this time lost waiting for hard cover book delivery, can easily be translated into money, and progress, that could be achieved immediately.

6) Physical factors, such as reader eye strain, can certainly occur to readers of an eBook. Knowing the tendencies of my chosen audience, however, I do believe that they will already be accustomed to thoroughly reading and researching on the internet. Reading my eBook, I hope, will be just another 'stop', as they continually search for the best, and newest, ways to make money online. As they are attracted to the Info Barrel community, I do expect that they will be able to use this guide as a great resource, as they continually engage in providing solid writing content to this platform.

As I had suspected, detailing the Pros- and Cons- of writing an eBook could really take up several journal article entries. While I have covered the disadvantages, in this article, in my next articles, I will document the advantages of writing and eBook (over a hard cover book) in context of my own project and targeted audience.

As always, if I am missing something, or could approach an aspect of this writing differently, it would be an absolute honor to have you share your own experience with me (and others!) in this article's comment section immediately following! Thank you, and enjoy my future entries to this series!

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