Today is 21Oct2009 and, as I had anticipated (and promised) it has been roughly 4 days since my last eBook development progress update. With some military obligations, while simultaneously carving out a lot of study time at my local Barnes and Noble, I have been vigorously studying for my Nursing state licensure test here in Pennsylvania (Yes….the infamous "NCLEX") in the upcoming week. Needless to say, this has been a very busy time for me to choose to undertake a project of this scale and nature, however, I'm convinced that if I don't begin making daily progress on this project, that I'll probably succumb to the commonplace temptation to let this idea become fleeting an fall to the wayside.

The truth is, I have many great ideas that I know that Info Barrel members can benefit from. This is my inspiration to not only keep this occasional eBook development status update journal log, but to work my very hardest to produce a quality product that people will be knocking their doors down to purchase. I have been scammed before and I don't want to be the very one responsible for creating a sub-par product that fails to deliver on all its claims.

My first Info Barrel article was posted on 30Aug2009. That means that, at the time of this writing, I am well into a month and 1/2 of writing for Info Barrel. In that time, I have produced upwards of nearly 170 articles, of which many push 1,000+ words in solid, quality, content. While I have pushed nearly $100 in Google Adsense revenue since beginning, I know that many of my skillfully crafted articles have simply fallen to the wayside, with little to no traffic from Google. Because clicks on Google Adsense advertisements are usually unlikely from internal Info Barrel members who visit articles, I am convinced that the key to profit, on Info Barrel, is to find a winning combination of Search Engine Optimization, Keyword research, and established advertising channels that will attract outside traffic to your Info Barrel articles.

After all, Info Barrel members are 'already' attune to the game. They have developed advertisement blindness so, outside of an occasional 'pity click', your most Google Adsense revenue will be realized when you attract people (who may not be quite familiar with Google Adsense) to read your articles. While I am still humbly trying to master all of these working parts simultaneously, I am fully convinced that my eBook will also save readers a significant amount of time, as I hope detail how users can avoid having to write hundreds upon hundreds of articles, only to find that those articles weren't written in such away to attract the very targeting organic Google traffic that will ultimately convert in greater Adsense earnings.

In hindsight, most of my articles probably don't even earn. With nearly 170+ articles, I am apparently a slow learner, however, I think I may have stumbled on an awesome formula for success, which has probably made my last 10-20 articles more profitable combined, than my remaining 150+ articles. It is truly sad that I had to exert so much effort to find out what 'really' works, however, as I gradually continue to write for my eBook, I also hope to show you how you can avoid dedicating yourself to writing 150+ articles that simply don't convert into added revenue in your pocket.

I know I messed up, and I'm not ashamed to admit. Instead, I hope to utilize and leverage these lessons learned to create an awesome product that will pin point where exactly I went wrong along the road of trying to Master Info Barrel.

In the meantime, for those who are completely new to my eBook development progress updates, I have been essentially using Pat Flynn's (of free 10 article eBook development guide as a bit of a framework governing my own eBook pursuits. With over $5,000 made, on his very first month of selling his eBook, his humility, and willingness to help, has served as an inspiration to me, that I also hope to pass along in these updates. According to his acclaimed "Income Reports", at my age, he has actually made upwards of $20,000, on some months, from utilizing all his established passive income channels.

These updates have been filled with complete transparency, as I have also made Pat 100% aware of my intent to be somewhat of a mentee, who is following his guide step-by-step, through the eBook development process.

While my last update provided you with the disadvantages of writing an eBook, in this update, I will display what I deem to be the most significant advantages in my personally writing an eBook. Because any project will inherently differ, dependent on chosen niche, what I deem as my most compelling "advantages" may not be the same as yours, in accordance with the chosen population of who's needs you will be attempting to address. Even though I document these advantages here, as I have disclosed in previous updates, it is very difficult for me to "sit still" without writing, or applying further research, so, for that reason, I have been conducting some writing for my eBook simultaneously, as well, in order to help expedite this process. (Because writing updates alone does take a lot of time.)

Advantages of an eBook
(and my thoughts in relation to my own eBook project!)

1) As a nurse by profession, it is comforting to know that I won't have to render first aid to any readers who have gotten a paper cut from vigorously turning pages. While I write that in jest, I suppose avoidance of paper cuts could definitely be an advantage of my writing this eBook.
2) With consideration of the population who's needs I hope to address, an eBook would just simply be more convenient. As readers long for quick and easy tips that they can apply immediately to increase their passive Info Barrel earnings, I believe that they will long for the ability to quickly download my eBook, read it (or scan it), and begin applying my methods and techniques immediately. This point goes to the heart of really truly 'knowing' your users, as Pat does speak about in his eBook development guide.
3) Text can be search easily within an eBook, and html can be activated for cross-referencing. This is another aspect that I do think my audience will appreciate. If they are to make a purchase, I really want to ensure that I have taken every possible measure to ensure they have the best possible user experience with my eBook.
4) I can offer an eBook "indefinitely", without really "going out of print".
5) Fortunately, the production of an eBook doesn't require Ink or paper really at all, unless I would decide to take my eBook to hard cover print. The removal of this element is certainly welcome, and, I believe, is something my audience will appreciate.

While I could probably write forever about this, I have really only covered my own application of about 1/2 of the first step of Pat Flynn's eBook development guide. To be quite honest, I do feel like I am about to enter uncharted waters in my next updates. There are certain elements of this project, which I know I may not be particularly comfortable with doing, or 'able' to do for that matter. Pat did bring some of his own graphic design capabilities to his own project, unfortunately, out of full disclosure, this is something that I may have to outsource and get a freelancer to help assist me.

I will address these needs as I get to each, but, I do anticipate that I may have some extra costs associated with this project, that Pat probably didn't spend on the production of his eBook. I have full confidence in myself, and my abilities, however, my strengths don't necessarily lie in "selling", so I may have to seek guidance for that aspect, as well. Out of full transparency, I hope that you will understand this. Hopefully this journal will serve as an inspiration to others who have contemplated going down this same path.

As always, it would be an absolute honor to have you leave a comment, for me, below. Let me know what you think of this process! Have you published your eBook already? Could you provide any tips for me? Thank you!

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