Today is 23Oct2009. Continually motivated by Pat's success, many things have transpired since my last eBook development progress on 21Oct2009. For those who may be unfamiliar with this series, I am essentially applying Pat Flynn's (of 10-article eBook development guide as a framework by which I have governed the progression of my eBook. As a bit of a self-proclaimed 'mentee' of his, I have made it a priority to seek his guidance whenever I hit a road bump in this process. As admitted in full-disclosure earlier in my updates, I have read his entire series, and, at times, it has been hard to withstand the urge and temptation to diverge ever so gradually from the structured and organized guidelines that he had set out in his eBook development guide.

With this being my 5th update already, I have really only begun touching the 2nd article of his series, in my update here. Also, in full-disclosure (as mentioned in prior updates), I had already done quite a bit of writing prior to even deciding to do this project. At this time, my computer desktop is filled with roughly 10-15 articles (1,000+ word each!) that I believe could be fully integrated into this eBook, somehow. Whether within the main text, or assembled as a few free additional guide 'extras', I believe that this writing can still be very beneficial to Info Barrel writers, as well as, Info Barrel writer hopefuls. This decision will hinge on a few things, in accordance with my outline, marketing and sales strategy, and organizational structure.

Pat's 2nd article in his 10-article eBook development guide begins with the title "How-to get Started". The truth is, however, that even though I was decided upon pursuing an eBook from the start, rather than a hard cover book, that I did feel the need to document just about every thought, in this process, leading up to this update. Immediately, it is hard not to get motivated as Pat provides a screenshot of his earnings from 01Oct2009-22Mar2009. With over 2,639 items sold, in such a short time frame window of mere months, he had managed to gross over $82,000 on the sale of his eBook. This is really quite impressive, however, I don't believe that this is the 'norm' by any stretch of the imagination. Not that it isn't possible (Pat clearly proved that), but I am sure that the majority of people could only be so fortunate.

Pat found a delicate bisection between a very small, tightly-focused, niche and the ingenuity to develop a product specifically to cater to their needs alone. Rather than get side-tracked with 'to generic' of a topic, I have strove to maintain that same tightly-focused outlook on every decision that I have made thus far.

What had ensued yesterday, in this process, is something I am very excited about. While I would ultimately forgo some profits, I truly felt that the best approach to this project would be to development a strategic, long term, partnership, of sorts, with some one who is very skilled in the world of Info Barrel, and has the experience and success to prove it. On a whim, I decided to contact Jason (a.k.a. jcmayer777, here on Info Barrel). As the two leading contributors on Info Barrel, with several $100 in combined monthly advertisements revenue consistently accrued as a result of our freelance writing endeavors, a strategic partnership was the best long term move that I could have made at this stage.

We both bring our own individual skills that we will collectively bring to the table for this project. As a master in getting his articles seen through finely-tuned keyword research and the utilization of many external tools, Jason has done really quite well for himself here on Info Barrel and, I believe, has the type of experience that would complement both my writing and my experience. If our collaboration, thus far, is any indicator of the success of this eBook project, I truly believe that this project will be able to help fellow Info Barrel members do a variety of awesome things:

1) Increase their monthly earnings significantly.
2) Consolidate, and aggregate, a variety of awesome resources into one centralized location, for Info Barrel users to follow. Coupled with our own personal experiences, as well as the insight of 'experts', I believe that this eBook will be a knockout.
3) Become significantly motivated. Until I began to do my own research, I had very difficulty earning anything on my articles. I am determined to detail, in this eBook, how my last 20 articles have probably made more combined that the first 150 or so that I uploaded to the Info Barrel website platform. Perhaps I was a slow learner, however, I want to help you save your time and energy by teaching you how to avoid this pitfall. Had I know better, I would have changed my approach a long time ago. Unfortunately, now, many of my articles do lie to rest on Info Barrel with very few, if any views/traffic, at all. Ensuing monetary gain is pretty much inexistent on those paricular articles.

In accordance with Pat's 10-article eBook development guide, the next logic step in my eBook journey is to organize my thoughts, or, otherwise "create an outline". While, again in full-disclosure, I have done this already, I can give some brief insights into some topics that will be covered in this eBook. This outline actually looked slightly different a few days ago, at least until I decided to approach Jason to see what he could contribute if, in fact, we did become partners in this project. With a return email detailing a specific outline that he could contribute, my decision to bring him on board was clearly validated right from the get-go.

We will both be contributing different elements to this project.

While his area of expertise lies in his uncanny ability to gain awesome search engine visibility of his articles, my expertise has been to employ sometimes very elaborate strategies, with manipulating other facets of social media, to gain incredible increases in traffic. From Facebook to Twitter and MySpace, I will detail how these specific social media platforms can be used, oftentimes in congruency, to gain increased traffic, and increased earnings revenue to your skillfully crafted articles. Rest assured, this book will not be simply "fluff", as we expound upon our own experiences, and essentially highlight the "science" behind Info Barrel.

As always, it would be an absolute honor to have you leave a comment below this article! Have you enjoyed this series(?) Is there anything that you would like to see me cover, in particular, both in these updates, as well as, in our eBook(?) With many more updates in store, as we gradually approach a final product, this is your opportunity to share with us your feedback. Thank you for reading this series!

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