While it has been almost two weeks since my last Info Info Barrel eBook CoverBarrel eBook progression update, great strides have been made in bringing this eBook to a reality, on several fronts. For those who may be unfamiliar with these eBook progression updates, I am essentially utilizing Pat Flynn's comprehensive 10 article eBook development guide as a framework, of sorts, for this project. He actually provides this great guide free of charge, and, assuming the position of a bit of a "mentee" to him, I decided, several weeks ago, that I would utilize his awesome guide to govern my own eBook development. Although I am taking all steps necessary to ensure that this eBook will be an awesome success upon release, I do realize that there is no guarantee that it will be.

I have worked my very hardest in trying to pin-point what I perceive as "needs" in the Info Barrel Community, and address them in this eBook. While I have learned very much on my own, I do also realize, and humbly admit, that I am not quite the "expert" on several areas that I hope to cover in this eBook. Where my own skills and knowledge lack, I have made it a priority to consult many external "authorities" and "experts" who are very skilled in the areas that I hope to cover. Because most of these "experts" are busy with their own projects and are very unreachable under the slew of probably hundreds, if not thousands, of emails a day, my next best course of action was to purchase several comprehensive books from Barnes and Nobles and inundate my own brain with the material covered.

What resulted from these weeks and weeks of reading, and researching, has been a very exhaustive outline that has governed my own writing, and that of my partner (leading Info Barrel contributor, jcmayer777), in accordance with "Part 2 – Getting Started" of Pat Flynn's How-to eBook guide. In this eBook, and it's several complementary guides, we are essentially aggregating a boat-load of information that, we believe, will help contribute to the success of others on the Info Barrel platform. It has taken us nearly a month of hard work, so far, to get to the point where we are at now. I admit, however, that since my last eBook progression update, quite a bit has been done with regards to the actual writing aspect part of this project. As one can see from Pat Flynn's eBook creation guide, there is quite a bit that goes into the production of an eBook that reaches far beyond just writing it.

For us, writing the eBook has been the easy part.

It is one thing to write an eBook that is very detailed and engaging, however, getting people to actually "want" to read our writing is another issue altogether. On top of that, in accordance with the nature and theme of this book, not only do we want people to read this eBook, but we want people to learn exactly what we do to succeed to the tune of several hundred dollars combined passive income on Info Barrel, every month. We certainly have alot to live up to here, however, we do also realize that when the community benefits, we will also benefit. By this, I mean, if jcmayer777 (Jason) and I are able to teach others our tricks, to both create quality articles as well as make alot of money, Info Barrel, as a whole, will gain authority in the search engines. As it gains authority, that will increase search engine visibility to all of our articles as a collective community. We would like to think that we all have a vested interest in seeing this eBook succeed.

The very detailed, and comprehensive, nature of this eBook has led us both to synthesize personal experience with topics such as how an Info Barrel user can utilize various social media website platforms to gain traffic to their articles, to detailed keyword research, SEO, and even helping to overcome those dreaded bouts of writer's block. In an email exchange that my partner and I had a few days ago, we are absolutely dedicated to taking whatever time necessary to ensuring that this eBook is as detailed and comprehensive as possible. With the writing that has been completed so far, we both agree that this could very well be one of the most thorough books that either of us has ever read on our own, whether in electronic format or in hard cover.

With well over 300 articles written combined and submitted to Info Barrel, along with a lot of experience bread through trial and error, it is certainly comforting to know that I have gained a partner who is just as excited about this project as I am. In complete transparency, as I have strove for in all my previous eBook progression updates, there were certain parts of this project that Pat did entirely on his own, that we chose not to do on our own. When it comes to sales and graphic design, we did engage a freelancer/virtual assistant to help us out in those aspects. We really want for this final product to be great, so, for that reason, we decided that the expertise of a freelancer would be far superior, and time conscious, then us both endeavoring to do the mini-website development and graphic design on our own. Where this time is saved, for us, we have been able to direct more attention towards hand-crafting the writing that will ultimately become our Info Barrel eBook, and it's several complementary guides.

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