Needless to say, creating an eBook has been a Info Barrel eBookvery time-consuming, yet rewarding, process. Ultimately, my partner, jcmayer777 and I, would like for this eBook to be as detailed and comprehensive, as possible. For this reason, we are really taking our time to ensure that each distinct step is carried out with utmost attention to detail. We have both read the eBooks of others and, because of this, we have been able to identify their weaknesses, or things that we generally wish they would have covered, that we have now been able to address in our own eBook. For us, in order to provide the Info Barrel community with the best product possible, there really is no need for us to rush this process.

While we do walk a delicate balance between what information to share, and what information can only best be portrayed within the confines of an eBook, I would like to utilize this update to give everyone a more in depth look at our outline, and some of the topics that we will/have been covering. As we continually craft our writing, our ultimate goal is to give future readers every possible tool and resource that they can use to be successful on Info Barrel. With alexa, and quantcast, trends serving as an indicator of the growth potential of Info Barrel, we don't anticipate the excitement over Info Barrel to fizzle out any time soon. Instead, we have deeply analyzed the Info Barrel platform, along with the platforms of other 'similar' article submission, revenue, sharing website platforms, and we have strong reason to believe that Info Barrel has a very longterm business model that is clearly self-sustaining.

It is no surprise that many online freelance writers have gravitated to Info Barrel.

With regards to our outline, and the material that will actually be available in our Info Barrel eBook, we have combined both our expertise to produce quite a bit of writing, already, that is very detailed and comprehensive in nature. Whether you ultimately choose to utilize many of our tips and tricks, or you choose to master Info Barrel alone, it is still at least comforting to know that we are all guaranteed a 75%-90% revenue share on all our displayed advertisements. This is actually really quite generous, and, we believe, poises the Info Barrel website platform to be a formidable opponent in a market where many of it's leading competitors simply appear to lack the necessary insight into a user's most fundamental need for everything from earning's transparency to clear and concise submission guidelines.

As this platform continues to grow by leaps and bounds every day, we are convinced that there is truly no better time than to release this eBook. We have made it a priority to synthesize our own personal experience, with the expertise of other 'authorities' in everything from keyword research, to the utilization of various online social media platforms to help drive traffic to your articles. After all, you can write the best, most compelling, article in the world, but, if you are unable to get people to read your writing, you stand very little chance at making any money on Info Barrel. This is a lesson I had to learn early on as, I am inclined to strongly believe, that my last 20 or so Info Barrel articles actually make more money than my first 150+ articles.

As you can see, a great deal of work and effort was exerted, on my part, that simply produced fruitless results. While this was never my intent, as I did more and more research, I found that it wasn't necessarily the volume of articles I produced, but how well I produced each individual article. In hindsight, I think most can agree that they would choose to only have 20 consistent, revenue producing, Info Barrel articles, rather than 150+ articles that produce absolutely nothing. While others may swear by the fact that your key to creating a longterm, viable, passive revenue stream on Info Barrel, is to simply create a massive amount of articles, that isn't necessarily the case unless they are specifically tailored to gain visibility of search engines.

Whether we like it or not, your money won't be made by people who frequent the Info Barrel platform. These readers are savvy to the revenue producing potential of such platforms, and are simply attempting to do the same thing as you are. Many people, internally, may read your article, but, let's face it, these people have developed significant advertisement blindness. Outside of an occasional 'pitty' click, your true earning potential will be found when you tailor your articles to be seen by the every day "Joe" who is simply looking for quality information on any given subject. Getting your articles seen requires a bit of 'creativity' as far as the manipulation of various online social media platforms, as well as, a comprehensive understanding of keyword research, and, this is a void that Jason (jcmayer777) and I will be addressing in this eBook.

Because of the 2% revenue stake that you are afforded on each of your referral's articles, this is clearly an aspect of Info Barrel that we have covered, in our eBook, as well. While 2% may not sound like much initially, when multiplied over several 100 active referrals, this can be a rather awesome passive revenue stream in and of itself. How many other article submission, revenue sharing, platforms afford you a lifetime revenue stake on the articles of your referrals? Very few, that I am aware of. Not only will our eBook teach you creative strategies, to gain referrals, that we have both applied, but, it will also delve into how to actually nurture these referrals to be of the greatest benefit to you. Obtaining a referral, only to have them lie dormant for months, really serves you very little monetary purpose and, for that reason, referrals may actually have to be motivated a bit to get them to become actively involved in the Info Barrel community.

The above topics are just skimming the surface of what our eBook will be offering. Thank you for following these eBook progression updates, and I'll be sure to make them as timely and relevant as possible.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....