Creating an eBook, or any informational product for that matter, is no easy task.Main Info Barrel eBook Cover As my partner, jcmayer777 (Jason) and I have learned early on, this experience has required nothing short of hard work, dedication, and an extreme amount of motivation and passion. Had we decided to simply produce a sub-par product, this eBook probably wouldn't have been quite as time consuming to assemble as it has been. Instead, with each laborious touch of our our keyboard keys (I know, it's not quite a quill pen), we have striven for the high quality and substance that, we hope, will propel this eBook project into a class all its own.

At one time, several years ago, I can recall purchasing an eBook for well over $90 which promised to help me master Google Adsense. Rarely do I ever purchase informational products priced that steeply, however, because of the established 'authority' associated with this marketer's name, I took the plunge with money that, at the time, I probably could have better directed elsewhere. As most of his eBook's pages had detailed information that I had already known already, to say that I was left with a bit of a void in knowledge would be a clear understatement.

Troubleshooting GuideWhile I did walk away with some useful information, in retrospect, I'm not so sure that that product was REALLY worth the $90 that I had spent on it. Fortunately, I have that one experience that I can utilize as a baseline to govern my approach to this eBook: my very first eBook release. Delineating the collective Info Barrel community's degree and void of knowledge has been a rather tricky part in this entire process because, truth be told, people come from all different walks of life, established knowledge bases, with varying degrees of motivation and a passion and drive to succeed. To one individual, covering various aspects of Social Media, to gain traffic to their Info Barrel articles, may be a clear breakthrough in knowledge, while, to another, it may simply be repetitious, and near worthless, information to another.

For this reason, in our approach to this eBook, we believe that it is important that we start with the fundamentals and delve directly into more advanced strategies with each passing page. Not only will we teach our readers how to simply sign up for affiliate accounts and apply Google Analytics, but we have also dedicated an entire guide to LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). One thing is for sure, readers will receive much more useable and practical knowledge, than what I received in the $90 eBook, but for far less than that. Besides being extremely accessible to ALL members, whether they purchase or not, That is just one of my, and jcmayer777's (Jason) goals with this eBook project.

More on Pricing.

First of all, I'm not so sure that any informational product is deserving of being priced as steeply as the gentlemen who sold me that Google Adsense book. Even in all its infinite wisdom, even the Bible, with hundreds and hundreds of pages covering everything from murder to adultery to repentance and forgiveness, doesn't even boast of such high of a price tag. The same is true for the hundreds of writers who have written ageless classics throughout the years. With such massive variation in eBook pricing internet-wide, it appears like eBook pricing can be completely subjected to user demand and a market's willingness to purchase. When deeply analyzing the product offerings of others, it seems that it is almost as simply as these following two things:

1) How much can they get away with charging.
2) What do they truly believe is the perceived value of their product.

Clearly, the gentleman, who sold me the $90 eBook, did his homework. Although ethically questionable, I give him great credit for that. With the debut of Google Adsense, many years ago, he knew that the demand would be incredibly huge with users salivating over gaining whatever information or edge that they could over the competition. To those people, including myself, $90 was a drop in the bucket compared to the amazing promises and upside potential. Even still, not really a marketer or salesman at heart, I just have difficult justifying that price from a more human standpoint. Of course, the most successful people seem to be the ones that are most capable of separating their business with their feelings.

I want to be an exception.

Not only will readers gain 10 times what I gained from that $90 eBook, but at a much more reasonable price, but this eBook is being intentionally written in a way where Info Barrel users will consult it like a navigator consults a map while transversing the thickest terrain. I would like for readers to be able to print out this eBook, and its several complementary guides, in their entirety, and follow along with them from the comfort of their own home. Who knows, as an eBook newbie marketer, I may make some novice mistakes from a pricing standpoint, but, one thing is for sure, I sincerely hope that readers don't feel like have been cheated in any way.

Our ultimate goal is to produce the most comprehensive Info Barrel guide that we possibly can. Already covering topics as diverse as utilizing Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace (and, several other forms of Social Media, as well!) to gain traffic to Info Barrel articles, to deconstructing the keyword analysis and formatting of the articles themselves, even without a final product yet, we are 100% confident that Info Barrel members will love our writing. Most importantly we are also 100% confident that they will walk away with some new ideas and strategies that they can employ, immediately, to begin to see even greater earnings on their skillfully crafted articles.

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Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....