To those who may be completely unfamiliar Main eBook Coverwith these occasional status updates about the progress of my Info Barrel eBook, I will begin by giving you a brief background about why I have chosen to write this eBook. Inspired by successful internet entrepreneur, Pat Flynn (of the blog), I have essentially been applying his step-by-step eBook "How-to" guide that he developed for his readers to read for free, after he encountered a great deal of success during his first year online. Assuming the role of a bit of a "mentee" to him, he has been extremely accessible, via email and Facebook, as I engage in every step of his eBook development "How-to" guide process.

Today is 16Nov2009, and this eBook sure has come a long way since I began it. While identifying what I perceive as an evident need in the Info Barrel community, several weeks ago, I decided to approach leading Info Barrel contributor 'jcmayer777' (Jason) to help contribute to this eBook project (if you 'click' under the "contests" tab, you can see that he has really achieved some great things here on Info Barrel, to include winning upwards of 4 or 5 of this website's drawing contests). Needless to say, our co
Info Barrel TroubleShooting Guide
llaboration, thus far, has really been echelons above what I could have ever hoped for in a partner. Where we both lack in individual expertise, we each have managed to fill in the gaps of that void of knowledge that could have been a huge barrier to the successful, high-quality, completion of this project. At the rate we are going, it is our hope to completely finish this project no later than by the end of this month. Of course, subject to any unforseen things occurring, the released date may have to be pushed further away, if need be.

Because there are just so many topics, deserving coverage in order to meet the comprehensive needs of the Info Barrel community, what had begun as one eBook, could ultimately end up being 3 or 4 extra eBook Guides. At this time, we have really written ALOT and are striving to integrate as many strategies and techniques that we possibly can. Because of the nature of some of the topics, in relation to the general evolution of the internet and currently
accepted search engine optimization practices (SEO), we will be providing direct, clickable, links to contact us on a variety of online social networks.

We will be using all these social media platforms, such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIN, and YouTube, in conjunction, in order to best meet the needs and concerns of whoever may ultimately end up purchasing from us.
Info Barrel Writer's Block GuideThe truth is, however, that whether or not you decide to purchase, we are still readily available to help the Info Barrel community wherever we can. Unfortunately, the depth of writing and applied techniques and strategies are really too extensive and exhaustive to address in the comment field of an Info Barrel article field. If we do leave any void in information, or if readers would just like to know more about a given subject, we will be providing every avenue that we can possibly think of to be contacted through.

We really hope that everyone has been enjoying these updates! If there are any particular topics that you would like for us to cover, feel free to leave us a comment at the tail end of this article! Fortunately, we have gone to great lengths to make sure we make this as comprehensive of a resource as possible. Ultimately, we would like for our final product to be one that everyone can print out, and keep next to them while engaging in their next Info Barrel writing endeavor. We'd like for it to serve as a reference guide, of source, where you can immediately find a collection and aggregation of alot of very valuable information that both jcmayer777 (Jason) and I have utilized to be successful on Info Barrel.

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