Can A Salad Bowl Set Improve Your Salad Dining Experience?

I still remember teasing my sister about her Lipper salad bowl set that she would always use when serving salad for dinner at her house. She had gotten it as a honeymoon gift, and I rarely saw her without the set close by, no matter what she was serving for dinner. At the time, it seemed so strange to have these wood bowls that you could only use for salad. I found this out the hard way after I grabbed a salad bowl and poured myself a bowl of cereal in it. I really thought she'd kill me that day. After what I now refer to as "the cereal incident", I remember asking her why she needed a matching wooden salad set in order to be able to serve salad. She told me that it makes the salad taste better and swore that it was the only way to go when enjoying a pile of greens and tomatoes. She also explained to me that the salad bowl needs to be oiled on occasion, to keep it in tip top shape. Apparently, the wood absorbs the oil, which helps prevent the wood from cracking. I was also advised to always wash wooden salad bowls by hand and never in the dishwasher. This is presumably to prevent any excessive drying, cracking or damage that may be caused by the high temperatures of a dishwasher.

As I got older and learned to appreciate eating healthy food more than when I was younger, I decided that I wanted to buy a Wood Salad Bowl Set of my own. My honeymoon was long over, and there weren't any special occasions coming up, but I decided to treat myself anyway. Besides, anything to encourage me to eat healthy more often was definitely worth the investment. I looked online to see if I could buy salad bowl sets at wholesale prices and found a few places where I could buy them online. I had found a large wooden salad bowl that caught my attention. It was a beautiful cherry color and was huge but it didn't come as a complete set like I was originally looking for, so I didn't buy it. Other wooden bowl sets had checkered or square patterns that I found unbecoming, so I skipped over them. Some of these sets had some pretty nice bear claw salad utensils that I wanted, but I didn't like the set enough to make the investment. I decided to take a break from online shopping and look around in my local department stores.

I saw a cute Paula Deen Salad Bowl that was popular and available in a couple of cool shades. I thought it might make a nice fruit bowl, considering the generous size of the bowl. I have always been a big fan of Paula Deen, and I find her work amazing. I finally settled on a high quality bowl set that I found on sale at Boscov's. The color was great, the pattern was not too crazy and it came with a salad bowl, six small salad bowls, bear claws and an instruction sheet. The instruction sheet had some great directions for cleaning the bowls which proved that my sister was right all along: Don't wash your wooden bowls in the dishwasher. Ever.

I meticulously oiled the wooden bowls prior to first usage as I was instructed to. I used the bowls and waited for my children to cry out that it was the best salad that they had ever eaten, all because of the new bowl set, but they didn't. Instead, they sat there eating and staring at the bowls, as if it were an intruder on the dining room table. Finally, my youngest daughter piped up and said, "Mom, these would make great cereal bowls."

Who would have thought?

Wood Salad Bowl Set

Wood salad bowl sets are excellent for serving a variety of salads.