We’ve gone a long way when it comes to mobile technology. Cellular phones used to look like bricks with long antennas that you could not possibly fit inside your pocket. Then they became small and sleek while also losing the antenna. SMS messaging was born and it literally thwarted pagers.

However, the most groundbreaking technological discovery of our time is probably the Internet. It changed the way we use and gather information, how we communicate and even more so how it incorporates virtually every aspect of our modern life. Soon enough, companies jumped on the band wagon and created smartphones bridging the gap between computers and mobile phones.

What are Smartphones?

Basically, a smartphone is a mobile phone that uses an operating system and has more advanced features than a regular mobile phone. It allows you to do various things using applications including browsing the web, email and calendar reminders.

Do You Need A Smartphone?

Along with the many features of a smartphone is a hefty price tag. Naturally, it is more expensive and you need a data plan to access the Internet through your smartphone. Smartphones are the most advanced mobile phones. It’s like having a laptop in your pocket. The question is – do you really need a smartphone?

These are some of the questions you can ask yourself when deciding to buy a smartphone for the first time:

  • Do I need to have access to my email anytime and anywhere?
  • Do I use social networking sites to connect to my friends and family?
  • Do I need calendars and reminders?
  • Do I need access to the Internet for business, research or information?
  • Do I want apps for entertainment, education, productivity, information, photography and more?
  • Do I need to make calls and SMS message?
  • Do I need to make video calls?
  • Do I need a good camera?

If you answer yes to most or all of these, then you need a smartphone. A smartphone can do all these in one amazing device.

Benefits of a Smartphone

There are countless benefits to having an advanced smartphone. You don’t need to get the latest and most expensive to enjoy most of the benefits of a smartphone. But with companies continually making more advanced smartphones, you can expect that something new is always going to come up and you will have to debate on buying a new one if the features will benefit your everyday life.

Do you love taking pictures or videos and sharing them with friends on social networking sites? You can do that right from your smartphone too. Most smartphones are equipped with high-resolution cameras so you can take photos and use them for video chat.

1.      Mobility and Accessibility

Aside from the usual call and SMS message, you can do so much with a smartphone while you’re mobile. You can receive and send email even if you’re on lunch, on a meeting outside the office or on vacation at a resort. You can even view documents, PDF files and text files with apps that you download for free or paid. No need to haul your laptop with you every time you’re out of the office.

If you’re a student and you need to do some research for a paper, you can easily do that on your smartphone. There are even apps in which you can create a document file or take notes. You can then sync it to your computer later.

2.      Organization

Smartphones can be used as personal organizers. It’s even better than a regular organizer because you can set alerts to remind you of important meetings or tasks. Your number of contacts will depend on the memory capacity of your phone.

3.      Information Gathering and Sharing

A smartphone allows you to carry the world in your pocket, so to speak. The built-in Internet capability lets you gather information anywhere. Smartphones are also able to receive and view larger data than other mobile phones. Internet browsing has also become better with smartphones because the screens are wider and you can easily zoom in and out.

 . . .

The only nasty thing about these wonderful communication devices is the cost of using them, but all mobile networks have very attractive deals that include impressive calls, texts and data allowances.