Drew Only Person on the Planet to Own an Outdoor Pool Table

The only person that I know of and he is not a real life character is the fictional character Drew Carey plays on the Drew Carey show. I have Googled on the internet on every search engine possible both prominent and obscure ones alike , to try and find owner opinions or buyers experiences with different models and manufacturers of outdoor pool tables. But it seems I have happened upon the only subject on which the internet draws a complete blank, apart from manufacturers own sites of course and needless to say they all give their own product a glowing review.
Not even Wikipedia has an outdoor pool table page, and that I can hardly credit, as it has a page on every other obscure or remote topic under the sun why not one on outdoor pool tables, all that they have to volunteer on the subject is that some New Jersey fun park named Morey's Piers has a couple on one of their boardwalks. So if you've never played pool outdoors and would like to try it, there I guess would be one point of destination.
The Outdoor pool table is or was a pretty common item in Spain in and around the working class holiday hot spots such as Lloret de Mar, Benidorm and Majorca or at least they were twenty odd years ago which was the last time we holidayed there, when we still lived in the UK and it was still a convenient distance to travel to. I think back then if memory serves me right, that we even played on an outdoor pool table a time or two at Butlins a British holiday resort chain.
Not having thought of playing pool outside for years and years not even when watching Drew Carey and his buddies play on his outdoor pool table on TV. So what is all the sudden interest you may well ask.
Okay well we have a spare patio so to speak, it was until only last year a site on which we had intended to locate a hot tub but in the mean time the city has allowed to be built on what was for years spare ground at the back of our property, despite strong protests from us and all of our immediate neighbors a new sub division that completely surrounds our garden on three sides, stealing from us all privacy and sense of peaceful sanctuary. We can't somehow feel comfortable about being almost naked within what feels like such extremely close proximity to the new neighbors fence and prying eyes, even if we were less bashful I dare say the new neighbors would find us not a treat for sore eyes ,in that both I and my husband both could stand to shed several pounds in several adjoining body areas.
My daughters both possessing slim young teenage bods and a youthful disregard for anyone but themselves, obligingly suggested that we should just allow the new neighbors to have a "good gorp" and if what they saw out of their kitchen windows put them off their supper then it served the the neighbors right, they shouldn't of been looking in the first place . Not being blessed with this fortunate outlook, we will probably incorporate a hot tub somehow into our private and enclosed covered deck.
My husband however still keen to put this vacant patio area to some good use has become struck with the idea of an outdoor pool table, it is still quite a new and fledgling idea with him but apparently already it seems to have deeply entrenched its talons with in his brain as it is all he can talk about.
I have no problem with him wanting to own one ,as a matter of fact it is something I wouldn't mind using either, as I also enjoy playing pool and definitely see the bonus feature having an outdoor pool table would be for entertaining . But these outdoor tables start at the $2000 mark and keep going up till they reach $10,000 and even more with add ons, that convert the pool table playing area into air hockey, ping pong or even a dining table.
I wanted before we committed to spending such a great wad of cash to be able to compare and evaluate consumer opinions on the different manufacturers and their warantees and what each offered in various price ranges. So far I have been completely unsuccessful in my internet search for information online that is relevant to purchasing an outdoor pool table, I have never before researched any product on the net and drawn such a complete and utter zero. Not even on Amazon where there are usually plenty of opinions but this time there were no customer reviews of either of the two outdoor pool table models they carry, not even on hub pages where there is usually info to be found on most topics the term outdoor pool table only shows up in a couple of hubs in passing reference, while here on info barrel usually a mine of information of all kinds ,a big fat nothing,what is a girl to do ?

Is my husband the only man ever to be struck with the desire to own an outdoor pool table ,knowing the guy mentality, I hardly think that can be the case ,and if it was why then are there so many places advertising them on the net ,so where then are all the consumer reviews hiding ?. My only recourse now is to send away for a bunch of brochures from a variety of different manufactures in different price ranges and compare the info found there, but this falls way short of the individual independent consumer opinions that usually provide such valuable unbiased product advice.

But when I do have all my ducks lined up with regards to "a guide for prospective outdoor pool table owners" I will update this post but until then dear readers I'm afraid you'll just have to wait with baited breath .