How Drinking Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is a difficult battle for many, but it doesn't have to be unpleasant. Sometimes, a simple lifestyle change is all it takes to shed excess pounds. Many folks like to gauge the effectiveness of what they are already doing, and the coffee lover frequently asks, “does black coffee burn fat?” Caffeine addicts will be overjoyed to learn the answer is yes. Thanks to unique properties, drinking pure coffee in regular doses is a great addition to any regimen designed for slimming down.

How Black Coffee Burns Fat

The caffeine in coffee is largely responsible for aiding weight loss. Caffeine lashes out against adipose cells on two fronts: as a stimulant that provides greater energy, and as an appetite suppressant. Researchers like Bennett Alan Weinberg, author of The World of Caffeine, have wisely called it “the world's most popular drug.” Coffee contains more caffeine than competing beverages like the average tea and soda, which means its effects are stronger.

Coffee is a proven agent that boosts the metabolism's speed naturally. Shortly after consuming it, your body begins using up calories at an accelerated rate. This is largely due to caffeine's stimulating influence upon mental and physical health. If you've ever found yourself wide awake, ripping through an essay or cleaning your house at a nice clip, thank the caffeine.

People who exercise under its spell tend to drive themselves faster and longer too. By incorporating black coffee into your diet an hour or two before exercise or other activities, you'll gain an extra bonus by enjoying more intense sessions. Heightened alertness signals the onset of caffeine's power in many people too, causing mental tasks to take on an added intensity, and thus burning more calories. All are signs of caffeine's positive imprint upon the metabolism, and so are less noticed effects such as increased fidgeting. Even slight movements knock off calories that wouldn't otherwise be burned.

Besides the raised metabolic vigor, caffeine is an incredible appetite suppressant. Having coffee with a meal or not long after increases feelings of satisfaction with your meal. As a result, it allows you to go longer without experiencing hunger pangs. Studies have suggested that coffee helps regulate insulin, which promotes a better hunger balance too.

Finally, a cautionary word, since even seasoned coffee drinkers should follow common sense, and use the beverage in moderation. Two to five steaming cups per day should be sufficient to achieve the fat blasting effects of black coffee. Always follow up with extra water, since caffeine functions as a diuretic, meaning you'll lose water at a faster rate. Maintaining good hydration is important to losing weight and optimizing normal body functions.

Why Black Coffee is Key

Remember, the main goal when drinking coffee for weight management is to absorb its caffeine and oils. Unfortunately, many coffee drinkers make the mistake of turning an otherwise helpful beverage into a detrimental one by polluting their coffee. One teaspoon of sugar adds fifty calories on average. Creamers and syrups are worse, piling on dozens of empty calories that are converted to fat, without really feeding your body in any beneficial way.

So, the only true way to experience a weight loss edge from caffeinated coffee is to take it black. No exceptions. Coffees with flavors roasted in, such as Hazelnut or French Vanilla, are acceptable for a little flavor. Still, the natural richness of a good coffee is an easy way to melt off excess pounds fast. When used properly, black coffee really does burn fat efficiently.

A Steaming Cup of Black Coffee