A Solution to the Obesity Epidemic?

When answering the question "Does Body By Vi Work?", we must first lay the groundwork, detailing the seriousness of the problem that it was created to address.

The list of the top cause of deaths in the United States doesn't include obesity. But the scary thing is that research has confirmed that 4 out of 6 major causes of deaths are directly linked to being overweight, especially heart diseases. This is the main reason why there is so much buzz about the importance of weight loss to avoid sudden death. There are many products that claim to help people loss weight easy and fast, but one of the most popular is the visalus product body by vi. But the question people are asking is does it work or is it just another scam?

Visalus is different from other weight loss products because of three major things including recipes, ingredients and the visalus challenge. And, the answer to the question about if the product works can be found in the countless testimonials about their results.

The product helps people lose weight by introducing shakes low in calories to their meals, without denying the body the energy and vitality needed to function properly. It also contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals that help burn fat, the soy protein content is non-GMO and the aminogen help promote the absorption of nutrients and maximization of protein.

Does Body By Vi Work?
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The purpose of all the Visalus recipes is to ensure that everyone who's interested in the product can consume it based on their favorite meals and flavor profiles. For example, if you are an oreo cookie addict, you can try one of the Oreo Shake Recipes on my site (see the link in my profile box, upper right hand corner.)

Some of the most popular Visalus Recipes include the afterglow smoothie that consists of pomegranate juice, frozen pineapple and scoops of the vi shake mix. The almond joy recipe contains silk pure almond milk, chocolate flavor and coconut extracts. You can also try out the blackberry apple slush that contains frozen blackberries, almond milk and scoops of visalus, carefully mixed together. If you need more recipes you can check out my other site as mentioned above.


Does the product have the right ingredients that are safe for consumption are known for eliminating body fat. Visalus contains soy protein isolate and whey protein concentrate and hydrolyzate both of which are well known to help burnt fat and tone of the muscle. It also contains sunflower oil, minerals, vitamins, milk; and a special fibresol derivative known as digestive resistant maltodextrin, which adds a huge amount of fiber value to your meal. In addition to that it doesn't add any sugar to your body because it can't be digested.

The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge

To encourage people to take their weight loss seriously, the manufacturers put up a weight loss challenge that anyone purchasing the products through an authorized promoter can enter. It’s the fastest-growing health challenge in North America, offering over $47 million a year in free products, prizes and dream vacations for those with the most inspiring 90-Day results.

The challenge helps inspire people and encourage them to not give up their slimming effort by promising huge prizes to the best performers.

All you need is to focus on consuming the shake in the appropriate manner (replace 1-2 meals per day with a shake) and utilizing your favorite recipes. Consuming foods and vegetables along with the shake will make you full, thereby reducing your craving for foods that can make you fat.


Credit: visalus