Does caffeine cause acne? The answer isn't as straightforward as you might have thought. Pimples are a commonly known skin disease and it was established, that bad dietary habits and consuming to many chemical substances and hazardous ingredients can make the state of acne worse. This is due to the fact that those mentioned products can interfere with frequency and intensity of the disease[1459]. This fact is commonly known, but while speaking about bad diet and daily habits, caffeine is rarely taken into account and many people do not know whether it's a hazardous substance or not.



Caffeine is a kind of a substance that stimulates central nervous system and it is commonly known from its arousal and temporary energy boosting features. Because of those attributes it is so widely used and popular in many drinks. Where can we find the caffeine? It is present in coffee, tea, yerba maté and what is more, we can find caffeine as an ingredient of various drinks like cola and many energetic drinks.


Medical surveys

There were many medical surveys held in order to investigate the influence of caffeine on acne development on human skin. Among surveyed products scientists included also drinks with some amount of caffeine in them, to check the influence of the drug. The survey have given no evidence of a straightforward relation between caffeine and development or maintaining acne. Even scientists themselves stated, that it is quite a problematic issue to draw a scientific conclusions about probable negative effects caused by caffeine.[1462]


Indirect effects of caffeine intake

There are no straightforward evidence about the drug influence on our skin and its condition, but we must also take into consideration some indirect effects which can be linked with pimples. For example it is important to state, that caffeine is a diuretic, which means that it is a substance responsible for excretion of large amounts of water from organism, and consequently our skin can be left without proper hydration. What is more, caffeine is responsible for extensive cortisol hormone creation, which is the stress hormone. It is commonly known, that stress can have disastrous effects on one's skin and therefore on acne development.[1460]


Opinions of people suffering from acne

Among people with pimples, there are many individuals who blame the caffeine for the negative influence on their acne. In most cases, coffee seems to be the most negative and hazardous beverage. Nevertheless, we should abstain ourselves from making generalizations. This coffee influence seems to be highly dependable on a particular person. If you want to check, whether coffee has a negative effect on your acne development, try to abstain yourself from drinking it or minimize its amount to the smallest portions possible for some time (like a month, or more). This test will give you the answer to whether coffee really has hazardous effect on your acne.



To sum up, there are no medical results stating clearly that the caffeine leads to pimples and skin problems. Because of that, if you'll ask me - “does caffeine cause acne?” - I can't give you a definite answer. According to the people that suffer from acne, it's quite possible that caffeine can make your acne worse. Unfortunately, the influence of caffeine on pimples isn't quite clear, so abstaining yourself from caffeine may not give you the results that you are looking for. It is also important to note, that dairy products are listed as probable cause of acne, so if you are drinking coffee with extensive amounts of milk, the second ingredient can lead to the occurrence of skin problems. [1459]