I have seen many people going on and on about just how bad CB is and that all the products one can promote over there are just low quality crap. I believe though that many of those people either have not been using Clickbank and are just saying what "everybody else" is saying. It could also very well be that they just have not tried enough, haven´t dug deep enough and just did not put in the effort it takes to be able to give a true opinion.

It is very easy to one product for a month, don´t sell a thing and then just say the whole Clickbank range is not worth a thing.

For me it is more a matter of your own actions. After all, there are literally thousands of Clickbank products to promote and there are some really good and helpful products to promote. You just need to look around for those products worthy to promote.

Does Clickbank Really Pay?
I can say from my own experience that they do. I can relate to some of the frustration though because initially it takes a little bit of effort to get your first payment, seeing that Clickbank has a few rules in place in order to avoid fraud. In order to get your first payment, you must have made at least 3 different sales that are being paid for with different payment methods, coming from different credit cards. Again, this is to avoid affiliate fraud and quite honestly, I think it is a pretty good rule.

After all, if you are serious about affiliate marketing and do things the right way, this threshold is easy to reach. Like any other affiliate network you must reach the minimum pay-out in order to be paid.

Another thing that might be a bit annoying is the fact that you have received a certain amount of paper checks before you are able to receive wire payments. If, like me, you live outside the US this is a real pain. Not only does it take forever to actually get the paycheck, the mail does seem to take it´s time to my part of the world, it then took my bank another month in order to actually clear the check.

However, I persevered, knowing it would be well worth the trouble and now I actually receive weekly payments from Clickbank, right into my bank account. Weekly payments rock, seriously, and there are only few affiliate networks that make weekly payments, Clickbank is one of them. And I really love the fact that it goes straight into my bank account instead of having to fuddle around trying to cash my foreigh pay check, waiting for it to clear and what not.

Anyways, if you want to know more about these payment rules and guidelines, you can read the FAQ over at the help section and it will fully explain it all, thought I´d point out the most important parts to you just to get you started.

So How Do You Find Clickbank Products to Promote?
If you log in to your account you can see the marketplace. There are a lot of sections in there and once you click on any of those sections, the most popular ones will pop up. You can now have a look at all the different products you can promote, but I would definitely encourage you to take your time and find a product you feel good about. There are products that pay a lot of commission, some pay well over $100 per sale, but that does not mean you will be able to sell them with ease.

The Clickbank marketplace also gives you a little bit of detail per product so you can see straight away a few important stats about the product, making the choosing process a little easier. If you have a good idea of a product you want to promote, for example because of personal interest or because you are looking for something in particular, you can also search for keywords and the related products will show up instantly.

The Clickbank Marketplace Stats Explained
Underneath every product you will see a few stats. These stats will tell you some crucial information about the product. For example you will see "initial$/sale", this represents an average amount you will receive per sale you make, taking in account the number of people that have asked for a refund in the past and different taxes, but it also includes possible upsells a vendor might offer.

You will only see the "avg. rebill total" if the vendor offers a monthly membership, meaning that if buyers sign up for memberships you will get recurring commissions for as long as the buyer stays a member.

The "avg$/sale" indicates the money you will make for each buying customer you send to the product page. If the product is just a one off sale, you will see the amount indicated at "initial$/sale" but if the product is a membership this number will change.

The "avg%/sale" will show you how high the percentage will be you get per sale. The vendor can choose the percentage and this can go all the way up to as high as 75% in commission.

Another percentage is the average % per rebill which shows the percentage you make in commission for recurring sales.

Another important stat you will see is the "Grav". The gravity indicates something about the popularity of the product. The higher this amount, the more affiliate marketers have made at least one sale that month on that product. You will have to take this number with a little pinch of salt though. Last year there was a product launched and it went from 0 gravity to hundreds in a matter of a week, because the seller is an excellent marketer who had a huge list of followers, all thirsty to do whatever that marketer adviced to do.

So the very moment he brought a product into Clickbank, there were literally thousands of people promoting that product and only a small portion of that actually made any sale, still bringing the amount to the hundreds in gravity. The product it self is still flushing the internet marketing scheme, and there are many products brought to the market that are spin-offs.

Anyways, a higher number in gravity, does not always mean it is the best product for YOU to promote, but seeing a very low number there might be a sign the product is not selling at all, so choose wisely.