"Oh The Colors"Credit: Ms. Phoenix (cc)Credit: Ms. Phoenix (cc)

Color therapy, also called chromatherapy, is a potent healing modality that's more effective than Reiki for many applications. By now, we know the drier end of the scientific mind pool has conducted studies to discover the viability of color. Applications followed that have regulated moods in prisoners (orange), helped increase regenerative energy (green) in hospital settings, and inspired impulse buys (red) at fast food joints that would later benefit the medical industry. Color is an indicator of vibration. Like sound, it is varying speeds of the same energy.

How Should It Be Used?

The beautiful thing about color therapy is the freedom in it. The color of décor, clothing, foods, and environment all play a role in our well-being. It's no wonder people that are subjected to very depressed, broken-down landscapes have difficulty rising up out of impoverished conditions. Resonance is a powerful thing.

Use chromotherapy to color your bathwater (the greener the food coloring the better), charge drinking water with healing attributes, install colored windows or translucent sheets over light fixtures for color sessions.

Identify what you believe needs balancing, and select the corresponding color to heal it. Picking up a book on the chakras (Anodea Judith's “Wheels of Life” is a classic, worth any book shelf) will win you the 411 on color and the majority of its known associations.

The General Treatment Areas For Each Color

Each of the colors has a zone of vibration they call home. When there's a deficiency of vibration interpreted as a specific color in the aura, the zone it covers is usually in a state of imbalance or inactivity.

Red is the color of the root chakra in East Indian circles. It heals all ailments associated with the physical body, causes the production of white blood cells, speeds metabolism, raises blood pressure, activates, vitalizes, and brings one into body consciousness. It's a foundation color in the chakric system and one that should always be in balanced if one intends to have a healthy, physical experience and a reasonable amount of groundedness.

Orange is associated with the sacral chakra. It covers the realm of intimacy, procreation, creativity, regulation of mood, receptivity, domesticity, and social ability. Orange is a very warm color that will heal sexual imbalances and issues involving social isolation and fear of intimacy.

Yellow is the color of the Solar chakra (connected with the solar plexus). It is our energy point and visceral connection to the astral plane. “Gut feelings” belong to this zone. Healing with yellow will bring the liver and gallbladder into balance as well as other parts of the elimination system including the colon. Yellow uplifts, stimulates, and inspires.

Green is associated with the heart chakra. It's zone is the literal heart, the realm of family and identity within groups, and marriage. Damage to the heart chakra can be quite difficult to bear as it can weaken the power-balancing center of the entire system. The heart chakra is a bridge between the lower and higher chakras. Working with its color green (pink is another color it's associated with) you can bring about renewal, literal disinfection of bacteria, and earthy balancing.
Blue is the color of the throat chakra. The throat chakra regulates communication and the assessing mind. Working with blue takes a load off of the mind by bringing in a freedom and flow. Blue will cool something that posesses an over-abundance of red qualities. It will stem itching, bring down irritation, decrease the size of boils, reduce hysterics, and bring about a general serenity.

Indigo is associated with the third-eyed chakra. The third eye regulates insight, astral vision, perception, discernment, strength from the depths of justice/balance, purpose, and receptive creative projection. Indigo will balance one whose judgment is off-kilter, provide a sense of peace through a strengthened auric field,  and reunite one with the calm knowing of the reality they sense with their gut. It can also be useful in dreamwork, visualization, and treating insomnia.

Violet is the color of the crown chakra. The crown chakra regulates thought itself, connects with the Higher Self, deals in empathy-based logic and compassion, is the epitome of unconditioned humanity and innovation, and can be considered the seat of genius. Healing with violet will eradicate negative interference, purify the auric field, enliven the spirit, calm an erratic nervous system, and bring one in touch with the enchanted layer of reality.

Is Chromatherapy An Overall Treatment Or Merely "Helpful"?

Chromatherapy is surprisingly potent all on its own. Physical ailments can heal in as little as three to four hours of color-treatment. The Kirlian camera will show you what colors are predominant in your aura (there are other, less-expensive ways of diagnosing a color imbalance, though). When a color is faint, murky,or missing, so is the primary force regulating that area of your life. It pays to look past the profit-fueled skeptics still remaining in allopathic medicine who've traditionally frowned upon alternative medicine. It's here. It's ancient, and it doesn't merely treat symptoms; it heals.