Most people searching online want to know does Cortslim work.

We'll most people writing the reviews don't really have a lot of personal testimony but my feedback on cortislim is that both the concept behind the product along with its effectiveness is that it absolutely does work and helps make for effective weight loss. I've lost nearly 45 pounds while taking Cortislim and of course eating right and excercising.

The key is to know that this isn't fairy dust. You still need to do the work to change your life, but it is a helper particularly if you have stress factors that you can't easily get rid of, like work and family pressures.

How Does Cortislim Work?Does Cortislim Work?

Cortislim Original gets its name from the pesky hormone Cortisol, most people don't realize how dangerous elevated levels of Cortisol is to your waistline and your overall health.

Cortisol isn't necessarily bad, the good part to this hormone is that it helps regulate blood pressure along with cardiovascular function. But the more stressed you get, the more cortisol the body produces. High levels of cortisol because of prolonged or chronic stress can increase blood pressure, create blood sugar imbalances and suppress thyroid function. And frankly make you fat.

 Many people don't even know that really high levels of Cortisol can lower your bodies ability to heal wounds. If you're predisposed to gaining weight around your gut, you likely have abdominal fat because of stress. Cortislim works by helping to reduce the stress hormone via the active ingredients in the original cortislim are: Vitamin C, Calcium, Chromium, Cortiplex, leptiplex, and Insurtol.

 A Personal Cortisol Review

For me personally, Cortslim has been the one thing to keep my belly fat down. Of course Cortislim isn't the magic pill that keeps you from actually doing WORK. You need to exercise and eat right. Cortislim gave me that push to do what I needed to do to take my body to the next level. I've gone from a size 16/18 to an 8. It took me about 9 months. Cortislim wasn't COMPLETELY responsible, but it did help.

Cortislim Controversy - FDA Warning

 In 2004, Cortislim was warned by the FDA that it did not have proper scientific proof to state on any of it's brochures that it could “eliminate cravings”, “suppress appetite”, be a “weight loss solution”, etc. The FDA maintained that since there was no proof to make such claims, ALL claims were FALSE.

As a result, the company backed off such claims. But It did not deter me from taking the product. Again, there really is no substitution for exercise and healthy eating. And on some levels, exercise can help relieve the stress that the causes elevated levels of Cortisol.

But I really like this product.

 Cortisol Tips

  • Read the label and don't take more than six capsules a day as recommended.


  • Eat Healthy and exercise, Cortislim is not a substitution for not eating well.


  • Don't buy this product on discount or auction sites like eBay, Cortislim does has expiration dates that need to be adhered to.

Have you tried the product? Does Cortislim work? For You?