infobarrel (19430)A lot of people have stickers attached to their cars because they feel like conveying a message. Others have stickers on their cars because they want to show that they adhere to a particular belief. Some of the car stickers will say something like "smile God loves you". Other stickers state: "if you can read this, you are too close and should read my middle finger". A sticker on a car once states the following: "don't follow me, follow Jesus". What has car stickers got to do with Infobarrel?

Well, take a look at it from this angle. If God loves you, and you love Infobarrel because of the millions you are earning, then, transitively God loves Infobarrel. How do you know if God loves Infobarrel? Let us look at this from a spiritual point of view.

Thou shall not lie: If God were to love Infobarrel, it means that Infobarrel will not lie about revenue sharing and will deliver on its promise of transparency.

Thou shall not covet: If Infobarrel wants to be loved by God, then, it will not do what some other revenue sharing site did. It will not make a clone of its site and not share the revenue with authors.

Thou shall not kill: Infobarrel should not kill our dreams of becoming millionaires from passive income. Infobarrel should stay alive and healthy and make our dream a reality

Thou shall not commit adultery: Infobarrel should not sellout and leave authors hanging out to dry. At least Infobarrel should share the gain with those who shared the pain of growth with it.

If Infobarrel want to be loved by the lord, then it should be fair and true to its authors. That is part of the 10 commandments.

That being said, Infobarrel is a business and when it comes to business there is no love. Business reality might call for changes in the way the revenue is currently shared. At the end of the day, the founders of Infobarrel are in it for the money and they are not here to feed the world. Infobarrel like most startup has noble outlook, and has great potential. Who knows what Ryan would do if Google decides to pay him 100 million dollars to buy his site. Your guess is a good a mine. He would probably retire to an exotic location and send us a post card. The post card will read something like this:

Dear all, thank you so much for making my dreams come true. I hope your dreams are not adversely affected by mine. I am always thinking of you. Love and kisses, Ryan.

That sounds terrible but it can happen. Remember what happened to Youtube? Youtube was successful and all of a sudden Google pounced on it. From then on, it was eternal vacation the original creators of Google. Infobarrel still has a few milestones to reach. It is not a question of if, but rather when. Recently Associated Content was bought by Yahoo. Maybe, the next will be Infobarrel. Will God be too pleased if Ryan were to sell Infobarrel? Let's wait and see.