Google Instant Search

What is Google Instant? Google built a new engineered platform to change the way search is performed, Google Instant interprets your next typo, let's say you're searching for a "sony digital camera", Google instant will try to predict what you're looking for and give you a list of suggested keywords.

Google Claims; "Instant Results: Start typing and results appear right before your eyes. Until now, you had to type a full search term, hit return, and hope for the right results. Now results appear instantly as you type, helping you see where you're headed, every step of the way""

Is it the instant results you wanted? No!

Is Google Instant, really intended for making Keyword Search easier for the user, or is Google Instant really about using its new Instant Search to manipulate "you" the user into their programmed selected Ad list to distract the choice away from your intended search, and inputting the most suggested money sites or blogs that will increase Google's pocket book!

Or is it really just another suggestive method like advertising or promotion that McDonald's uses pushing Big Macs, is the Big Mac healthy and good for you, hell no… and yes, it does increase McDonald's bottom line in their profit and loss reports!

And does it goes back to competition and money, pushing back other competitors like BING or Yahoo, is it's really about helping us search faster, and does comes down to the all mighty dollar! Google loves monopolizing the whole internet space.

As we know that Google continually wants to streamline and dominate the internet world, I have seen with Google Instant, that when I search a particular keyword, I find that it isn't what I'm looking for, and it slows my process of what I'm looking for. Google say's it's suggesting the best alternative of what you're searching. I'm not suggesting that I dislike it and Google gives you the option for turning it off.

But what really is their ulterior motive behind Google Instant?

So let's look at this:

The Searcher - You

Let's say you want to type into Google's new Instant Search bar "Sony Digital Camera", you start typing sony, but Google is already vaio, sony reader, sony errickson, sony pictures, the search keywords that Google Instant has offered you has nothing to do with what you were searching for in the first place, which was a "sony digital camera", was Google's intentions to distract you in the first place. Did it help you find "sony digital camera"?

So has Google Instant saved you time, and how many seconds have you already spent just looking through Google's suggested list? Is this Programming? Is Google just manipulating the search results to distract you from your original search "sony digital cameras" in the first place? Google is an advertising conglomerate, so why wouldn't they use Google Instant to manipulate "you" the internet searcher to buy from the ads that make them the most money.

The Advertiser or Webmaster:

Now let's look at this from other advertisers and webmasters point of view; With Google Instant in play now, the small advertisers or webmaster are now challenged with the use of long tail keywords, and Google instant reduces the search for these long tail keywords by suggesting their own selection of keywords that point at their advertising efforts through Google Adwords. This will only increase the challenging efforts of smaller advertisers or webmasters trying to take a small slice of this big internet space. So again, is Google trying to manipulate the internet world? Small advertisers and webmasters will have to reinvent other ways to keep their market.

How has Google Instant affected your small business advertising or webmaster efforts? Do you like Google Instant? We would love to hear your comments.

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