1476-80 hairstyle, Simonetta Vespucci, 1476-1480 Wikipedia.org,  Public Domain, by Sandro Botticelli

1476-80 hairstyle,Simonetta VespucciCredit: wikipedia.org,,Public Domain, by Sandro Botticelli

It appears that braids were in styles in 1476 and still are in style in 2010.  I would say history really does repeat itself.  There is no doubt about it.

 Crown braid, Yulia Tymoshenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine, wore the crown braid in 2010.  She wore it very gracefully too.  Prior to her political career she was a  successful business women in the gas industry.


Crown Braid, Yulio TymoshenkoCredit: Wikipedia.org Creative Commons, 3.0

Braid halo at chicvtagesbrides.com 2012.   Braids are still in.  Big braids, little braids, and fat braids are still around.  These braids in this style shown here make beautiful bridal updos.


Braid haloCredit: chicvtagesbrides.com 2012.

 According to  success pro at Best.Dooz.com hair braiding is an ancient art that dates back to ancient Egypt long as 4,000 B.C.  It further states that it is a social art because of the time it takes to braid the hair and the socializing that occurs during that time.  I know personally depending on the type of braiding done, it can take hours at a time.  Some African Shops will have 2 or 3 people braiding hair on one head depending on the type of braiding done.


Now this full-blown afro was quite popular in 1974.

Afro 1974, Billy PrestonCredit: Wikipedia.org, December 13, 1974, Public Domain.

  Anyone remember wearing a large Afro.  Some of the Afros were bigger than the heads.   Her holistic locs below are just as big in 2012.


Credit: Wikipedia.org, December 13, 1974, Public Domain.


 This customized blazer was popular during that time for the punk scene.  According to Wikicommons many punks use clothing as a way to an affirmation or announcement.

Paris Punk 1981Credit: en.wikipedia.org, Paris Punk 1981

This very tall Mohawk is still fashionable in 2012.  You will find this at mynewhair.info.  I would say he is definitely making a large statement.  This Mohawk is just slightly smaller than the one below, but it is a Mohawk.  Suwarnaadi at coolsmenhair.com states that this hairstyle relates to the Native American Mohawk Indian tribe. They further state there have been remains of mummies thousands of years old.

 Very Tall Mohawk 2012Credit: mynewhair.info 


Susana Huygens 1667-69,  she wore the tight curls in her hair. She also was the fifth and last child of    Constantine Huygens.  I would say from the picture below those tight curls are still in style in 2012.


Susana Huygens 1667-69Credit: Wikipedia.org,artist Caspar Netscher




Natural coilsCredit: Rene Patton, Au Natural Hair, Pinterest.com


Natural Hair coil out Betty Asphy via Rene Patton Au Natural  at Pinterest.com