One Common Remedy is Made from Bee Venom

One Common Remedy is Made from Bee Venom
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The Origins of Homeopathy

Homeopathy has a long track record of safety and efficacy. It was first developed in the 1800s by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician who was once one of the most famous men in Europe.

He began his career a regular doctor, but grew disillusioned after several of his children died from infectious diseases. He was very opposed to bloodletting, a common practice during that era, as he believed it was harmful and oftentimes fatal.

After losing his children, he gave up his practice.  Because he was fluent in multiple languages, he earned a living translating medical texts. Later, though, he threw himself into research in hopes of finding better treatments.

He went on to develop a new type of healing based upon the principle of "a little bit of what ails you can also cure you." This is something doctors have long known, going back to the time of Hippocrates.

Dr. Hahnemann experimented with a large number of highly diluted toxins, dispensed in sugar pellets. His formulations are now used throughout the world. Because no trace of poison is left in these pellets, or only a miniscule amount is retained, they are safe for humans and animals.

He compiled his research into a book known as the Organon of the Medical Art. Contemporary homeopaths still use it as a reference.

There's a Revival in this Healing Art

Homeopathy in the United States enjoyed widespread popularity until around 1920, when allopathic physicians gained more prominence. Many practitioners believed then, as they do now, that the American Medical Association was formed primarily to squelch their profession and the competition it presented.

In recent decades, though, there's been a renaissance and many of the old writings are being looked at with a fresh perspective. People are once again turning to Hahnemann's remedies for help with chronic, longstanding conditions.

This science has continued to flourish in other parts of the world. In India, for example, there are 100 homeopathic hospitals and an estimated 100,000 professional practitioners.

It is very well documented that homeopathy can help reverse the course of disease, even stubborn conditions that haven't responded to anything else. Here are three case histories published in March of 1943 in the British medical journal Heal Thyself. All were patients of J Ellis Barker of London.

A Paralyzed Woman Regains Use of Her Legs

This is the dramatic recovery of a young mother. She couldn't move her legs, and navigated around her house by getting on the floor and pulling her body along with her arms.

Although she tried various treatments, nothing worked. Her condition continued to deteriorate. Eventually, she lost control of her bodily functions. Naturally, she was extremely upset by this turn of events.

The onset of paralysis was a mystery, because, previously, she had enjoyed good health. It was also a desperate situation, because even well-selected homeopathic remedies weren't providing relief.

However, during one consultation, she happened to mention that her illness came about after she vacationed in a place where insects abounded. She was stung many times, and developed a severe reaction to the bites.

Barker prescribed potentized bee venom, which he had learned worked very well when someone says they've never being well after an insect bite.

Within weeks, this woman had regained her health and vitality. Her paralysis disappeared and she could walk again.

A Stubborn Case of Eczema is Cured

Barker also saw a man in his late 50s. He had suffered from eczema for the better part of four decades.

Although he visited his medical doctor, the creme he was given didn't solve the skin problem. Even worse, he began to feel weak and debilitated. The rash on his left leg also became extremely painful.

The unsightly skin condition started in childhood. It might have been linked to a severe case of scarlet fever a few years before the eruptions appeared.

Barker had his patient change his eating habits. Because the skin condition was greatly aggravated by heat, one of the selected remedies is a very popular one made from a naturally occuring element. It's also helpful when a patient is weakened and has little vitality.

The man was also given a preparation made from the scarlet fever virus, which cannot transmit disease as it's diluted to the point where no pathogens are left. This was a complicated, long-standing case, so a third remedy was given to address another potential underlying cause.

It took only a few weeks for the patient to see visible results of his skin beginning to clear. His overall health improved as well. He reported feeling stronger, with a renewed level of energy.

Remedies are Dispensed in Small Sugar Pellets

Homeopathic Sugar Pellets are Sold Over the Counter
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A Woman's "Shapeless" Feet Return to Normal

Barker enjoyed great success in resolving cases involving insect bites, which later progressed into chronic illness.

He saw another middle-aged patient who complained of bad health following flea bites. Previously, she was perfectly healthy.

She developed large bumps at the site of the bites, which didn't go away after a few days. Then, various parts of her body started to swell. According to Barker, this caused her feet to become "shapeless."

Waking was a chore and she had a hard time finding shoes to fit her oversized feet. Other complaints included joint problems and insomnia.

Various remedies were tried, Some helped a little. Nothing, though, healed her swollen feet.

Finally, the patient remembered to tell Barker this strange ailment began after her house was infested with fleas. A stray cat has snuck into her bedroom and camped out beneath her bed.

Remembering the young mother whom he had treated with paralysis, whose illness was resolved with a bee venom-based elixir, Barker tried the same approach.

He gave her a low dose of this remedy. When that didn't work, he increased the potency. Paradoxically, the strength of a homeopathic preparation increases every time it's diluted.

The women took the prescribed remedy and spent much of the next few days passing copious amounts of urine. Despite this minor inconvenience, she was delighted. Her feet returned to normal.