John Locke has always been one of the more popular and enigmatic characters on the television show Lost and the subject of much discussion and controversy regarding his role on the island. Many viewers find parallels that indicate he is the Son of God – Jesus. Perhaps the real question is bigger. Is John Locke actually GOD?



He seems to possess eternal life. It appeared Jacob did, too, but was killed by Locke. Maybe Jacob wasn't as benevolent as he seemed. Locke rose from the dead after being pushed out the window by this father. The "new" John Locke also rose from the dead like Jesus, but can also take on the appearance of the "smoke monster" which can draw a parallel to the Holy Spirit. He also has followers and those that would denounce him...again drawing parallels to Jesus. Finally, he is a timeless being able to control bodies and destinies like God. Rather than just being Jesus, he actually seems to embody the Holy Trinity.

John Locke - Who is he?

Richard, who is also seemingly ageless, could be one of his angels. He is an eternal soldier of light that oversees the lesser beings and nudges them towards the right path. Jacob lured the passengers of Oceanic to the island with subtle manipulation and with possible evil intent. It is unknown what his real motives are.

Does the Island represent the Garden of Eden really? If so, why would Locke be trying to escape and lead others away? Maybe it is because this is the only way He can gain a better toehold in the real world. Maybe the Garden of Eden is meant to only be a temporary stopping point for man and they must prove the ability to overcome struggles and adversity if they really want to make it to a higher place – Heaven. The island is elusive to those who seek it for harmful purposes. Only the righteous can find it and find the salvation it brings which puts them on the path to Heaven as shown by John Locke.

As the final season of Lost comes to a close, perhaps these parallels will become clearer and the personalities of the remaining survivors will take on more Biblical traits (i.e. Claire as Mary). No matter what, Locke will remain one of the most mysterious and multi-faceted characters to hit the small screen in years. It may be years before another series is so able to interweave religion, fantasy, science fiction and drama in such a compelling way. Long live Locke and long live Lost.