Does Laser Hair Removal Work

Uncovering The Facts: Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

"Does Laser hair removal work?" She asked us. We all had seen her get out of her car and slowly walk into the office. As she came to the reception area we had seen she had thick black eyebrows and dark hair over her upper lip and on her chin. Oh dear, what should we tell her?

"The truth is, dear, it does work well in certain places of your body for some people." I said. "Here are the facts we have researched."

The Decision – Laser hair removal are treatments done in a series, in the hopes for long-term hair removal. The laser heats the hair follicle at its base to destroy and prevent re-growth. Some people experience little pain (it is similar to plucking out hair), however others find it very painful. Can you answer, "Does laser hair removal work for me?" Perhaps, but your expectations have to be right.

Cost is often a factor as it can wind up costing thousands of dollars, depending where you are having the laser hair removal done. Does laser hair removal work if it is not affordable and insurance does not cover it (unless it is done for a medical condition)? That is something you need to decide for yourself.

The Consultation – The Doctor and patient (yes, this is a medical procedure), discuss how well the treatment will work on their skin type and hair. There will be talks about the risks and benefits. The darker the skin, the lighter the skin will be when finished. The paler the skin, the darker it will be when completed. The Doctor usually recommends that prospective patients let their tan fade naturally before beginning treatments. Hair that is darker appears to be actually growing back quicker, but it is actually the hair growing from other follicles. So what do you think - does laser hair removal work?

The Laser Hair Removal Treatment – The assistant will make sure there are no residues from a lotion, cosmetic, or cream on the skin where the laser treatment will be done. This is because the chemicals in these products can hinder the hair removal process. Subsequently, gel is applied as a conductor to the area being treated. Gel also can help cool the skin as the laser is applied. With new technology, does laser hair removal work; is it safer and more effective? Many people still find laser hair removal does not work well for them and is very painful. Others say yes!

After Laser Hair Removal – Often repeated sessions (from three to eight sessions) are necessary over a period of a few months to a year to keep an area hair-free. These sessions often feel like they will last forever; they can be like shaving in frequency, only more painful and far more expensive because hair grows from different follicles at different times.

Now you have heard the facts. What do you think? Does laser hair removal work for you or would you rather pass and let someone else go through it?