If you leave your laptop plugged in all the time, even when the battery is fully charged does it damage or shorten the life of the battery?

That is the question that came up the other day and I didn’t know the answer to it although I have always wondered about it myself as I use a laptop at work that is plugged into the mains power 99% of the time and is rarely run on battery power alone. Fortunately Google helped me find an answer to the question very quickly! It seems that it is a popular subject.

The short answer is yes, leaving your laptop plugged into mains power while the battery is fully charged will reduce the batteries capacity to hold a charge because when the battery is running consistently at full charge it basically causes the battery to chemically kill it’s self.

The best solution for minimising the damage to your battery from sustained charge is to charge your laptop’s battery to 100% and then pull out the plug and run it off battery power until you need to charge it again.

I am by no means an authority on batteries and electricity so I will leave you with the source of my answer. The answer comes from a man who runs a blog dedicated to all things batteries and who’s credentials include working with a team of researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab on the Batteries for Advanced Transportation Technologies program also known as ‘BATT’. In any case I think that if anyone is to be trusted on the subject of batteries it is this man.

A good question which was raised from the source article was from Prashanth who asked:

Don’t the laptop batteries have a limited number of “Charge cycles”. Won’t constant discharging and recharging of the battery use up these charge cycles thereby reducing its life time?

to which the answer was:

Yes and no. Yes in that cycling will decrease life. No in that the depth to which you cycle has a huge impact on life. The less depth you cycle to, more the life.

What are your experiences with this?

Have you ever noticed your laptop’s battery life suffer because of this?

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