Many people ask whether lemon juice does lighten the hair and the answer to that question is affirmative. If you want to lighten your hair at home,  you should try lightening hair with lemon juice. But that knowledge isn't enough when it comes to the process of lightening your hair using lemon juice. There are a few things that you should consider if you're seriously thinking about highlighting your hair.The first thing is that you have to remember that using lemon juice you can brighten your hair only by a few tones. This solution won't give a desired results if a brunette wants to become a blonde.


How lemon juice influences the hair?

Lemon juice is an acidic substance, therefore it dries out the hair. The hair after extensive usage of lemon juice will look damaged and the process of falling out might be intensified. Because of those effects you need to nourish your hair even better while using the lemon juice than normally. Be prepared with a shampoo and a good conditioner (choose one accordingly to your hair type).

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How to use the lemon juice to lighten the hair?

Because of the acidity of the lemon juice you should never spray or rinse your hair with this sole substance. It definitely should be diluted. What are the proportions? There are two major possibilities, let's go through them ..


Rinse your hair with the diluted lemon juice solution on a daily basis

This way of brightening you hair is a fairly non-invasive one. It's recommended to mix one tablespoon of lemon juice per one gallon of water[1675]. You should rinse your hair using this mixture on a daily basis.


Damp your hair with the diluted lemon juice solution 1-2 times a week

This solution is a little more invasive one – you should prepare a mixture containing the juice of one lemon mixed with 8 tablespoons of water[1677]]. Pour that substance into a spray bottle nad spray your hair until damp. Then you should leave the hair this way for a few hours. The next thing you should do is to take a shower and use a bigger amount of the conditioner than usually. You can even increase the results of that treatment. For that to happen you should spray your hair with the prepared mixture until it's damp. Then you should expose your hair to sunshine for some time (30 minutes seems to be a good amount of time). After that you should act as in the case of no sunlight exposure.


What to do when the expected change emerges?

When the expected change emerged, your job is only half done. To maintain the result you still have to use the lemon juice. The only thing you have to do is to noticeably decrease the dosage of the juice or the frequency of using it. Self-observation is the key here – you should watch your hair color on a daily basis. If it's fading then you should increase the dosage or the frequency to bleach hair. If it's still brightening then you should decrease the dosage. No one will give you the proper amount and frequency of usage of the lemon juice in hair– you have to figure it out yourself observing the way your hair tone changes.


The most important thing to consider when lightening your hair using lemon juice

People like to get the results of their actions very fast. Ideally one should use the diluted lemon juice solution once and should wake up the other day with lightened hair. Unfortunately, it doesn't work this way. Using too much lemon juice will definitely damage your hair and that's not the result you want to get. Because of that you should start with low dosage of lemon juice. If you're using it for one or two weeks and you don't see any results then you can increase the amount of the juice. You should be prepared to wait for the results to come because the lightening is a gradual process. If you need some instant results then you should go to the hairdresser and get your hair dyed.


Wrap up

Does lemon juice lighten hair? As you should know by now – it does. It's a natural way to make your hair lighter. The effect you get is similar to the effect you can get by having your hair bleached by the sun. The sunshine contemporarily lightens your hair, so to maintain that effect you have to be regularly exposed to the sunlight. Also, this way of lightening hair isn't harmless to the hair itself. Lemon juice is a acidic substance and you should use your conditioner generously while using the diluted lemon juice solution. The first thing you should remember while brightening your hair is to take care about the hair. If you won't be able to get a tone that satisfies your needs you'll at least have a healthy, shiny hair! Good luck with lightening your hair!

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