It Generally Does If You Keep The Blogging Professional

And In Some Cases Industry Specific

Every edge in the professional environment is worth exploring. Long gone is the day when a high school diploma was all it took to get a good job. These days not even a simple undergraduate degree is enough in many fields.

For these reasons many students are going on to get master’s degrees either at traditional business schools or through accredited online MBA programs but some are taking a less traditional route; they are branding themselves with their own personal blogs. The big question of the hour however is whether these personal blogs look good to current or future employers and if they are worth starting to give yourself a leg up.

Should You Blog Professionaly?

Buy A Domain Name And Get BloggingThis question can be summed up nicely in most cases by saying yes; a personal blog in your industry or sector does look good to many employers but not all of them. So long as the blog is geared for professional thought and discussion you should be able to leverge it for better positioning.

You may need to make sure however that your own thoughts do not conflict with the company philosophy of that with which you are applying. Companies do want good spokesmen and cheerleaders but they don't want to send conflicting messages to customers.

In almost all cases blogs geared for gossip and personal life experiences are not all appealing to employers. Put yourself in the shoes of the employer – do you want to hire someone who keeps a blog discussing questionable topics? Do you want the name and face of your company to be represented by someone who blatantly posts to a blog on every aspect of their personal lives? In most cases employees truly represent the companies they work and reputation risk plays a large role in the process in finding good team members.

Positive & Negative PR

Stay Away From Controversy And Stay Professional At All Times

Controversy Graphic

No company wants to take on the burden of negative PR and if a position is public enough it’s worth finding another candidate that is likely to bring positive PR to the organization.

If you feel like adding a professional blog to your name and credentials then make sure to keep it focused on your industry or sector at large and keep it professional. When successful candidates bring more to the table than just experience and education they become very attractive. Successful industry bloggers make excellent additions to companies or departments that are in the public’s spotlight. These people bring new eyes on a company and new fans. In some types of jobs they may bring new customers to the business that weren’t already there. Successful blogging can really catapult your career if done right.

Are you looking to get into marketing? Try maintaining a professional blog on the industry at large and stay away for controversial subjects or opinions. The same goes for people looking to get into real estate, or fashion, or religion, or whatever your target industry is. One good way to start an industry blog is to opine on top newsworthy topics. Follow the headlines and trade publications in your industry and blog about the news. If you can stay current, interesting, and maybe a bit insightful then you can easily tout your blog as a credential top any employer you are looking to impress.

Remember, you are a brand. No longer is it standard to find an employer and stay with them for life. You are your brand and your employer should be asking you to come aboard - not the other way around. If you can bring to the table high end credentials such as industry experience, relevant and impressive levels of education, and positive PR or your own pool of customers then you are an asset to any company. Make them want you to come on board.