mass emailMass email is a form of marketing that involves sending large amounts of e-mails to potential customers. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways of marketing new promotions and telling potential customers about a business. A lot of online companies spend vast amounts of money on marketing their websites through payq per click and other ad-based mediums. This can be extremely costly and is always open to fraudulent clicks.

Mass email uses specifically targeted e-mail lists where customers have opted to receive information from specific companies. This means that you get niche or industry specific e-mail lists and will be sending mail to customers who have actually asked for information. This is a long way from spam mail and also direct mail campaigns where paper based promotions are sent. It is also very cost-effective and is a fraction of the price of many Internet marketing methods available today.

Mass email gives a business an edge over competitors because it is you are able to build a relationship with specific customers instead of always targeting new ones, which is more difficult. You will also be able to send specific sales or newsletters copy to them and put in a link to your website in as well. There have been many reports that overall around 50% of customers responded in some way to a mass email campaign. This is a staggering amount of responses and the conversion rate is also high. Not only will you be able to send the first wave of promotions over but you can also keep customers informed with newsletters about up and coming promotions and products. Communicating with your customers directly is the best form of marketing out there. Because you will directly be telling them about promotions you are more likely to build a trustworthy relationship with them and also get extremely important referrals too.

Mass email can help a business build up a large e-mail list very quickly over doing it manually themselves. Some businesses have managed to get lists of thousands of potential customers and are currently e-mailing them every month with new offers.

There are many professional companies offering mass email services. These will enable a business to get hold of a new industry targeted e-mail list and also run an effective campaign. They have detailed analytics that can show whether or not each campaign has been successful and the response rates can be measured. Packages usually start from under hundred dollars and for this you can reach thousands of customers with one click of a button.

The best place to get more information on mass email is to go online and speak to a mass email service provider. They will be able to tell you the costs involved and how they can help promote your company to new customers.