Can Neuro Sleep Help You Fall Asleep?

So before we go straight into the evidence and definitive answer as to whether "does Neuro sleep actually work?" I think it is best to firstly outline what NeuroSleep is, what the claimed (not expected) benefits are & the general science that goes behind it -- to back it up.

What is Neuro sleep?

Basically it is a nutritional "peach and apricot" soft & light tasting drink (in my opinion, it has a pretty standard nice refreshing taste to it, by no means anything radical but is still pleasant enough -- however this is obviously a very subjective matter, so you are going to have to try this out yourself) which comes in a pretty sleek, cool looking almost futuristic type bottle (certainly well designed). Note: it contains no artificial colors or flavours, and just 35 calories a bottle.

What does Neuro sleep Actually Do?

Neuro claim for it to benefit you by helping you to -- "sleep easy" -- producing a special formulated blend of nutrients and vitamins that will provide a better quality & healthier sleep, "recharging [both] your body and mind". It works through adjusting your "internal body clock" to be more efficient and optimal in maximizing the quality of rest you get whilst you are sleeping to allow for improved energy levels & alertness for the next day. They go on to list the following benefits for you: 

  • "promotes restful sleep"
  • "helps normalize sleep patterns"
  • "good source of magnesium" (more detail on this below)
  • "supports relaxation"[1]
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How Does Neuro Sleep Work?

Let's delve into the ingredients of the Neuro sleep -- i.e "the science inside"[2] -- it contains the following: 

  •  Melatonin - a natural substance that can be found mainly within plants (e.g corn, rice, oats etc.) as well as being produced within our bodies to control our 'internal body clock' (aka circadian rhythm) i.e 'sleeping cycles'. Research suggests consuming melatonin helps to supplement the melatonin we produce naturally -- and in turn helps to regulate the sleep cycle - producing better quality & more efficient sleep (e.g. decreased wakefulness, 'getting to sleep time significantly reduced' [3]etc.)
  • L-theanine - an amino acid that is derived usually from tea that has been proven to de-stress us both physically and mentally -- shifting "oscillatory brain waves to the alpha spectrum" which is associated with relaxation & psychological calmness[4].
  • Magnesium - an electrolyte and mineral that is a key element for the function of the body (functioning in 300 + chemical reactions) and in particular the protection of the nerve & muscle functionality. "The most powerful relaxation mineral available" [5]- and "magnesium is the secret for sleep problems"[6] -- The Huffington Post. 
  • 5-HTP (5-hydroxtryptophan) - aka. oxitriptan is another amino acid claimed to be extracted from a plant based within Africa, the Griffonia Simplicoflia -- which is essentially a clinically effective serotonin and melatonin precursor[7]. Proven widely (through being sold over the counter) as an effective sleep aid to help insomnia and anxiety.

Additional papers have been sourced by neuro along along with the ones I have independently gone about to study and research (shown in the bibliography) regarding mainly the 'sleep' benefits of consumed melatonin and are as sourced as follows:

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vi) Zhdanova I et al. (1995) -  "Sleep-inducing effects of low doses of melatonin ingested in the evening" 

Does it Actually Work?

From a scientific stand point 'yes' (ceteris parabus) it will have a generally positive impact and benefit the quality of your sleep -- but the extent it will is obviously going to vary from person to person (for instance someone who is suffering with a lack of magnesium is likely to gain more from it than someone who has sufficient etc. as well as our different biological make ups).


Neuro Sleep Overview & Honest Review

My Neuro Sleep Review

Personally, I used to have them before I had exams the following day as I get easily worked up about them and possibly end up not sleeping very well (if at all) -- they worked great for me (I used to also use a Phillips HF3470 wake up light too, which also improves the quality of your sleep).

However, I am not the only one who has benefited from neuro sleep, the majority of online reviews I have checked out (sourced mainly from have only positive things to say e.g."I am a person who has suffered from chronic insomnia for many years. I first tried Neuro Sleep a few months ago and was shocked at how well it worked to help me fall asleep." and "Drink it every night to get me to sleep. Would recommend to anyone that has a hard time shutting down.". There are of course some negative reviews too, claiming that it doesn't work etc., but these do seem to be largely in the minority.

Should You Buy Neuro Sleep?

So my advice to you is... it is definitely worth at least trying out, (especially if you have difficulty with sleep or are looking to have more energy as you wake up) for a week so, note down in the mornings if you feel better than you did the previous week without it. If it doesn't work, then that's fine at least you tried it out. But if it does, you have found something that has improved a fundamental aspect of your life and a priceless quality in the form of having more energy for your day (but of course as with energy drink or food, it needs to be consumed in moderation). 

Also, if you have any concerns, questions or general remarks about either the overview article of "does neuro sleep really work?" or about the neuro sleep drink specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to respond back to you as soon as possible.