Does Neuro Sonic Make You Smart?

Before delving straight into the evidence of whether "Does Neuro Sonic Work or Not?", I think it is best to just firstly give a brief overview of what Neuro Sonic is and the claimed benefits of drinking it are -- along with "the science" to back it up.

What is Neuro sonic? 

Basically Neuro Sonic is a carbonated 'wild berry' flavoured drink (where taste is obviously subjective, but I must admit I do rather like it, along with most of my friends -- but you will obviously have to try it out for yourself) and as you can see from the image below -- it comes in a rather cool looking futuristic type bottle (certainly looks the part). 

What does Neuro Sonic Do Exactly?

What it claims to do -- is "maximize your perfromance", this being your cognitive performance allowing you an enlightened level of increased "alertness and focus" allowing you to get in that 'zone' of 'high gear' productivity. Where Neuro sonic acts as a "brain support" through providing you with the right blend of nutrients and energy to allow you to "accomplish more" -- "and stay there" -- in the zone of focus. They list the following benefits: 

  • "increases alertness"
  • "promotes concentration"
  • "reduces mental fatigue"
  • "supports memory" [1]

I think everyone could do with a bit of that!

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How Does Neuro Sonic Work?

So through assessing its ingredients -- "the science inside"[5] -- they provide you with:

  • Caffeine - a common stimulant proven to increase cognitive energy, alertness, attention etc., a frequently used as a "pick me up" for mornings[2]. Consumed within the blood & 'peaking' between 30 and 120 minutes.
  • L-theanine - which is an amino acid that you get through extraction from mainly tea and has been proven to "reduce mental & physical stress"[3] and boost cognition as well as being able to generally make you feel happier (similar effects to caffeine -- with further research indicating it counteracts the unwanted aspects of caffeine too)[4]. Consumed within the blood & 'peaking' between 30 and 60 minutes.
  • Alpha GPC (chlorine alphoscerate) and PS (phosphatidylserine) - which are phospholipids that get absorbed through sources of chlorine and their claimed benefit is that they help the deliver chlorine to the brain through a blood-brain barrier  to produce acetylcholine[6] -- which is a neurotransmitter that is a vital component for memory.
  • Vitamin D - which is the mineral you gain from sun light and clinically research indicates it acts to provide protection for the brain (repairs) and neurotransmission.[7]
  • B-Vitamins (B1, B3, B6, B12) - again are vitamins that are sourced naturally and help provide protection and support for the brain functionality and your 'peripheral nervous system'.
  • Resveratrol - an anti-oxidant that you usually source from grapes.

Then Neuro Sonic then goes on to explain that granted you get negative side effects of caffeine with excess amounts (such as nervousness, distraction etc.) -- but a consistent dosage at a moderate & optimal level (achieved within the neuro sonic blend at around 100 mg per serving) -- should ride override such effects (which you aren't getting with coffee as it constantly varies in dosage levels) and you will basically benefit more from it, the more consistently you drink it within a specific routine. Additional papers by neuro are listed to the ones I individually researched  & provided below in the bibliography and are sourced as follows:

i) Green (1996) - "The Effects of Caffeine on Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Mood in Coffee Drinkers",

ii) McClusker (2003) - "Caffeine Content of Speciality Coffees",

iii) Passmore et al. (1987) - "Renal and cardiovascular effects of caffeine: a dose response study",

iv) Van Der Pijl et al. (2010) - "Human disposition of L-theanine in tea or aqueous solution"

So the science is certainly there, but does it actually work?

For me personally, in all honesty, it did - I used to have one just before I went into a lecture theatre and found myself far more engaged with the content being taught and had better ideas and leads as to where to take the information further as well as using it for through out revision sessions (I'm not sure what impact it had on my grades, but I did do pretty well). Other people's experiences with it too are largely positive (inspecting amazon and online reviews), claiming that they do get a sense of 'motivation' (which I can agree with) and energy to get the job done.

An Honest Neuro Sonic Review & Overview

A small minority aren't too impressed (but, then again we are all biologically engineered in slightly different ways, so it is obviously going to act better for some than others -- and it's the same with all products really). It may perhaps be a placebo effect? But, to me I don't really care - it works... so how it does it (unless it is harming me) doesn't matter really matter. 

So my conclusion being - scientifically 'yes' it does work, however the extent that it does work will vary from individual to individual. But, what I suggest you do is just try it out for like a week -- once a day at the same time every day and see how it goes. Compare it to the work produced you did last week & see if there were any significant improvements. If it doesn't work, then fine, at least you tried it out -- no real harm done. If it does, then you may have just found a great way in to increasing your productivity & hence your output (but as advised with all drinks, foods etc. -- consume it within moderation).

Have you tried it? Let me know what your experiences are... Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the over article on - does neuro sonic really work? - or about the drink itself please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.