Can Neuro Trim Actually Make You Slim?

Before getting straight into providing proof both for and against -- and coming up ultimately with a definitive answer as to "does neuro trim work or not?", I think it is important (especially surrounding these type of weight-loss related products) to firstly clarify exactly what it is, what the claimed benefits are (not the expected ones) and the science behind it & the precise instructions on how it should be used etc.

So what is Neuro Trim?

It is basically a nutritional drink that is "summer raspberry" flavoured that has a soft non-carbonated texture to it -- that isn't really anything special to me but is certainly refreshing enough --  which comes in a rather futuristic looking and sleek (pretty cool) packaging. Obviously, both observations (which are common) are subjective and you will have to get it to form your own opinion in these aspects. Further note: that it contains just "35 calories" per bottle as well as no artificial colors or flavours etc. have been included (as well as the product being reviewed is the updated version).

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What Does Neuro Trim Actually Do?

The idea behind this drink is for you to "manage hunger" through turning the "hunger switch off" at least temporarily through integrating a drink/blend formula that is rich in fiber (and special related ingredients). It acts to sort of 'trick' your brain to feel fuller & less hungry for sustained periods than -- this in turn allows you to resist temptation of further snacking and eating and if used within a sensible diet & exercise plan can help you achieve your goals "easier".

In essence, it won't actually make you slimmer, but it will help you on the journey you are already on to lose weight through suppressing hunger to a greater extent reducing your potential food & calorie intake. Basically, a tool that can be used amongst many (and not to be relied upon or excessively used, like you would treat cardio exercise and weight exercise) to achieve a healthy way of living.Where it is advised to be drunk 30 minutes before every large meal (I would use it primarily for lunch & dinner - they also advise breakfast as well, but it is quite expensive so I would just hit the core meals where you are prone to 'extra' eating). They also list the four following 'benefits': 

  • "fiber based formula"
  • promotes "healthy weight loss" - I think it is this description that isn't very clear and people understandably mistake for meaning that it will cause direct weight loss, which as told above - isn't the case.
  • "helps curb appetite"
  • "caffeine free"

How Does Neuro Trim Work?

Well if we inspect "the science inside"[4] -- we come across two main aspects that make up neuro Trim which is 'purified' konjac fiber (elephant yam) and vitamin D (which is already quite well known for its hunger aiding properties[5]). Where neuro claim that "no other ingredient is required to produce the appetite control or weight loss benefits associated". 

Konjac FiberCredit: Wikimedia Commons/ Curtis's Botanical Magazine v.101 [ser.3:v.31] (1875)/Author: W. Fitch The konjac fiber (a plant extraction from the genus amorphophallus) is basically a dense and rather viscous fiber with a particularly high molecular weighting that makes it rather unique (compared to many other fibers) as it provides "significant health benefits" (which is well known and important in eastern societies, however not so in western civilization) such as: appetite control via the satiety feedback loop - which when consumed holds its viscous nature, setting off hunger supressing hormones. This substance has been widely tested within numerous successful weight-loss trials [1], that consumed the same identical form contained within neuro-trim. [2].

See the biblography below for just some papers that I have researched into explaining the health impacts of the kojnac (glucomannan) fiber -- others include can be cited through the Huffington Post's article on 'the super fiber that controls your appetite'. [3].

Does Neuro Trim Actually Work?

If the question is "will neuro trim make you slim directly?" then as discussed throughout the article, then no. However, if the question is "will neuro trim help me become slim" then yes. This drink won't make you slim all by itself, you have to do that -- as you would anyway through exercising and eating healthier options and portions of food -- neuro trim will simply make that process easier for you -- through supressing hunger. You can eat smaller portions and have the same 'hunger' satisfication.

Moreover, the extent at how well it will work will vary from person to person (due to different biological make-ups etc.) - so the only real way to see 'how well' it works for you -- is just to try it out for a week or two during 'the process of you trying to actively lose weight' and report any noticeable decreases in hunger and weight ultimately. The worst that happens is... it doesn't work, no real loss. On the other hand, if it does work as many others have attested to (e.g. "Not only did I get endurance energy, but I was not hungry. I could actually have a salad and be fine. And it tastes pretty good") then you have found a great product to aid you on the way to a healthier life style.

Some may argue that it is a 'placebo' product (hopefully from the science just explained above, you will see that this drink has obvious clinically backing to be effective in reducing hunger), but even if it is, then so what? It works. If it helps you, then it is doing its job -- why would you care (unless it is harming you etc.) how it works?

Will You Try Some Neuro Trim?

Also, if you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding either the overview article on "does neuro trim actually work" or about the drink itself (e.g. specific ingredients etc.) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section that you will find just below the fold and we will be sure to respond back to you as soon as possible.