Many people spend money on delivery diets each year. Here is a review of NutriSystem

This is an update on my experience with NutriSystem. I am getting off the program and am proud to say this is probably the first of the holiday season where I have actually lost weight than gained it. Ho, ho, ho! Mmm….Ho-hos? Nope, just kidding. Why I am quitting this diet when I've had so much success in a short amount of time- 1 month? Well, I've dropped a pant size- whoopee, and believe I have gleaned the finer points of the NutriSystem system to keep going on my own. The other reason is- frankly I'm sick of the food. Not literally, I just want something some food that resembles something fresh, organic, delicious, and non-GMO. Is that too much to ask of our food these days? I hope not! It's about time I start supporting my local farmer's market again and finish up this article that shares my personal experience. For people on the fence wondering whether they should start a post-holiday delivery diet plan- this is a place for insights.

What NutriSystem is Good at:

  • Making the meals oh-so easy. Most of the meals are microwavable or ready to eat. They accomplish this by putting in a little packet that that keeps the food "fresh."
  • Clearly labeling the food. Marked, breakfast, lunch, dinner. It's a no-brainer when it comes to meal time. And yes, you can interchange the meals if you really want to.
  • Offering a plan for vegetarians. This is a rarity even among the many delivery diet plans out there.
  • Offering desserts. Who expected one could eat sweet treats on a diet. They are packed with protein so are much more filling that other indulgences, although not quite as delicious.
  • Providing online support: Before signing up, I had a lot of questions and went to a lot of reviews like this one to make sure that I wasn't going to get scammed. They were very good about clarifying any questions.
  • Encouraging exercise: Nutrisystem suggests a routine of cardio and strength building and offers a place on line to keep track of your minutes and the calories burned.
  • Making meal combinations that fill you up. Most of the meals have a high protein content.
  • Letting you eat a lot throughout the day. With NutriSystem, you can eat several times a day. I was never hungry.
  • Training the stomach to be happy with smaller portions. After the first week, eating smaller meals are no big deal.
  • Providing a list of where you can eat when you dine out. This is helpful on days when you are meeting friends for lunch or going out to dinner with a partner or family.
  • Encourages drinking adequate amounts of water. I am a huge proponent of this and am glad to find a diet system that reminds people to drink water when other scammy diet tricks promote dehydration instead.
  • Helping you loose weight! I lost enough to drop a dress size.

What NutriSystem is Not Good At

  • Keeping the meals savory. Tofu, or soy is a main ingredient for the vegetarian option. Everything soy. I got sick of it and after a while everything started tasting the same.
  • Getting indigestion and gas. Yep, it happened. I guess because of all that soy. I have a sneaking suspicion that the company uses low quality, cheap GMO ingredients but didn't do research into the sources…just got some undesirable effects.

That's about it for the cons..

Overall, I'm quitting a successful diet simply because I am sick of the food. Although I am losing weight I am not satisfied with the flavors but moreover feel guilty about the quality of ingredients I am putting in my body. This is processed, manufactured food. It gets repetitive. I am very thankful for going through the program, if even for a short while it was a success. My stomach was retrained to be satisfied with smaller portions, and I will also aim to incorporate more protein into meals to keep feeling satisfied. NutriSystem, I've found is one of the diets that work for me. If I continue with these basics I can continue losing weight. Only 1 more dress size away! The major question to ask is, would I do it again? Yes. Absolutely. I would go so far as recommend it too. I think it for those who want the convenience and an easy start at losing weight the NutriSystem diet is worth some consideration.