For anyone who is in need of losing some weight, there are many options open to you but they all basically stem from three main areas. The first is the variety of diets that exist; the second is the various exercise programs; the third is a combination of the first two.

Some people are more energetic and motivated than others, while others prefer the easy routes offered by some companies in the form of diet food delivery plans. One such diet food plan is provided by Nutrisystem, a well established company that has been around for over thirty years. So does Nutrisystem work for weight loss? Let's look at the evidence and see.

There are plenty of Nutrisystem reviews that you can find if you search for them, but most of them are thinly disguised sales pitches and not much use to anyone who really wants to know what the program is and whether it will work for them. Then there are the forum posts from either disgruntled customers who are moaning that it didn't work fro them, while others give it glowing reports of many pounds in weight lost using the system.

Neither is based in fact, so who do you believe?

So what we need is a balanced, unbiased look at what is involved, how it is set up to work and what can go wrong when it is not followed correctly.

Nutrisystem is set up to work by providing a set of three daily meals that replace your regular meals. The meals are low calorie, low GI (glycemic index) and nutritiously healthy providing all the main nutrients the human body needs in order to run efficiently and metabolise the food consumed properly so that as little as possible gets stored as fat.

Here's what can go wrong with that.

Most people who try Nutrisystem's diet meals have become used to a bad diet often comprising large meals that are full of high fat, high calorie junk foods. When they make the switch, they'll often find that the diet meals are smaller than they're used to, so they'll still feel hungry after eating them. When that happens, out come the high calorie snacks such as potato chips, biscuits and cakes etc, and the diet is all but blown.

The way to counter this problem is to cook some additional vegetables to add to the ready meals. Ok, this is an extra step in the kitchen and some people simply don't know one end of a fresh carrot from the other! But if you can do that, it helps to add low calorie bulk to the meals and will prevent you feeling hungry soon after eating them.

Another problem is when you're used to a bad diet of junk food and you switch to a healthy diet, your body needs to adjust and you often suffer from flatulence, or gas. This is normal and should not deter you from persevering with the diet.

Lastly, most people who are overweight do not get enough exercise, pure and simple. To really give the Nutrisystem diet its best chance, you should also make sure your get some light daily exercise to help your body burn off the extra calories it has accumulated because of your bad diet.

After all, every dietitian will tell you that you need to burn more calories than you consume in order to lose weight. If that doesn't happen, it doesn't matter how little you eat, you will not lose weight!

By doing some exercise every day, you boost your body's ability to burn more calories and when this is combined with a healthy diet you will lose weight!

So if you are still wondering if Nutrisystem works, the answer can go one of two ways.

1. No it won't work if you are not prepared to help yourself by exercising and avoiding snacking in between meals.

2. It will work if you stick to the diet, exercise daily and do not cheat!

So there you have it. When you use the program to your advantage and choose to work with it to the best of your ability, you give yourself the best chance if it working for you.