Organic production is ubiquitously present in our markets today. Either it is for organic food or
organic beverages such as green organic tea, more and more consumers are adapting to organic
products. This is particularly a healthier option for the propagation of fair trade.

Organic Tea, by Definition!

Talking of organic tea, the term is most often misread. It is a common conception held by majority
that organic tea refers to only a tasteless kind of food tea. This is a totally false idea, since the basic
understanding of organic tea lies in the method of its production, but has nothing to do with flavour.
Organic tea is cultivated by sustainable and natural farming practises. The method is kept away from
inclusion of chemicals or pesticides. The result is an unpolluted tea for the joy of the finest taste.

Organic Tea – A Fair Trade

The predicate of terminology, organic tea production, refers to the fair trade policy of producing
tea. Production of organic tea is tightly coupled with the fair trade route, where human capital is
respected for their intense laborious efforts, and is provided enough opportunities to continue
growing superior quality tea.

Why choose Organic Tea?

The main advantage of choosing organic tea over others is that it is unpolluted. Because of the
natural way that it is produced from, organic tea satisfies people having superior taste. It assures
purity and high quality.

Scientific reason for choosing organic tea is due to the higher concentration of polyphenols and
catechins present in it. Natural plantation technique employed for growing tea is higher in health
because of these two compounds, which are found in abundance in organic tea.

Growing tea organically is very important for preventing deforestation. This is another reason why
consumers give preference to drinking organic tea; because of the farming practises that allow tress
to live a healthier life of more than hundred years.

Buying organic tea also gives you a philanthropic edge. Knowing that the tea that you're drinking
comes from lands where farmers are given appropriate working conditions, puts you on a satisfied
edge. Organic tea is traded through a fair route, giving farmers and their cooperatives deserving
compensation and more opportunities for growing superior quality tea.

Organic Tea is not Tasteless

Mixed with fruits, spices and special herbs, organic teas are designed very creatively for taste,
colour and aroma. For many of you who have been thinking that organic teas are plainly tasteless
beverages, then it is certainly not the case. There is a wide variety of organic tea blends and fruit-
teas available in the market today. List of flavoured teas is endless, and which is good in quality and
taste both.

Francois Cambell – Creator of flavoured Organic Tea

For those who keep the love for tea, they know Francois Cambell as one of the finest creators of
flavoured organic tea. For the sake of his passion, this man has taken every step to bring high quality
organic tea to his fellow tea lovers. Not only that he has brought quality to tea but he has literally
designed a thousand and more flavours for organic tea. Enormously talented Francois, has just
recently created a range of 32 new teas which bring real joy to the senses.