Does P90X Work

I've been looking into buying the P90X by Tony Horton. Its a workout that is supposed to get you ripped in 90 days. The question in my head has been does P90X work? I did what I usually online and google it.

Does P90X work?... I got over 200,000 search results for it, but I decided just to look at the first few, as I normally do. So what did I find out? I bet you're curious to know also, if not you would not be here reading this.

Anyway Here's what some people said:

"I've heard that P90X is excellent for weight-loss. "

"Sounds like a load of crap. Give me a break. You want your body to adapt to a given training stimulus. And when it does you then increase the training load (more weight, more reps, more sets, etc.) and force it to adapt once again. Repeat. Constantly changing exercises and routines to "keep your body guessing" is a guaranteed way to stay small and weak. "

"it's an exercise and diet program that requires commitment.

You will get similar results from any quality exercise and diet program that you actually commit to.

Maybe paying all that money for it is enough motivation to stay committed. "

"I am two weeks away from finishing my 2nd round on P90X (180 days) and am a huge fan."

"It does work I am proof that it works"

You get the point, not everyone is fond of it. But most people are though. You're always going to have that with any product. But for the most part it does sound like the P90X works.

Here's what I think. I think that most of the things that you buy can work, if you believe they do. I know that sounds like some motivational, philosophical line of C$#%. But its the truth. So many people like to blame a product knowing deep inside that it was them that didn't do the exercises right or followed it to the tee.

Here are the tips you need so that you don't have to ask Does P90X work:

  1. Be consistent with the exercises
  2. Follow the diet routine
If you still doubt that the P90X does not work, then you can go on google like I did and just type out the key phrase does P90X work and you'll get all the results you need to find out more about it. I am just one of a million people that believes that it will get you ripped in just three months.

If you are overweight the workout program is not recommended because of the quite strenuous exercises.

In the long run this P90X program does work by the sound of it.

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