Height Increase can be difficult to achieve. Peak Height is a supplement that advertises itself as a height increase product. Now Peak Height just contains Vitamins and Minerals. Now does it make sense for something as complicated and sophisticated as growing taller to be solved with something and simple with some vitamins and minerals?

Surprisingly, maybe. The question is "Does Peak Height work?" Not "Is Peak Height the best way to spend my money on a height increase product?" Peak Height does provide all the commonly available vitamins and minerals for height increase in one place. It is quite expensive though and it will only work if you are deficient in these vitamins and minerals. It is claimed to be designed by a medical doctor but he is not very transparent at all. There are no forums and no pictoral testimonials. It is sold on Amazon so it does have all the chemicals it claims.

You might save money if you decide to buy peak height instead of all the vitamins and minerals individually. But you might be only deficient in one or two of the vitamins and be paying for the whole kaboodle. For example, you may only need a few sources of DNA Methylaters. If you are a little deficient in B12 then B6 or Folic Acid may kick in. If you really want to make sure your chondrocytes stay methylated then you should take Sam-e but if everything is working properly then you don't need Sam-e. B12, B6, and Folic Acid will make sure you produce all the S-Adenosyl Methionine you need naturally. If you are overexpressing certain genes or have knockout genes then the pathways that affect methylation might be messed up and then you might need Sam-e such as with aging(which reduces cell function).

Same with all the other ingredients in Peak Height, if you are deficient in those substances then Peak Height will work but if not...

One neat trick about Peak Height is that it recommends that you take Peak Height when your growth plates are still open. It says in the FAQ that only a doctor can tell the status of your growth plates. So this encourages people to get X-rays on their growth plates. Then hopefully they'll call the Peak Height hotline and tell the operator the status of the growth plates. Then the operator can figure out how much growth they will likely have left and take credit for the growth with Peak Height. Generating a nice little testimonial and credibility. They do display their toll free hotline prominently. Just guess on how much natural growth they have left, claim that they will grow that much with peak height and take credit for it.

Taking vitamins and minerals may help you grow taller. Peak Height may work for that purpose but it is also probably not the most cost efficient way to do.