PhotoReading is the supposed abilty to read at least two pages a second.


This form of reading has puzzled many with it's obscurity and frightened some with it's mysticism. It goes well beyond the capabilites of speed reading which clocks out at around 3,500 words per minute (wpm). No, photoreading seeks to set the mark miles ahead, claiming that you will read well beyond 250,000 wpm. Does it actually work? Well let's delve a little deeper and find out.

The Man Who Can Read 25,000 WPM?

Howard Stephen Berg

Howard Stephen Berg is in the Guinness Book of World Records for reading 25,000 wpm. As I mentioned earlier, this goes well beyond the capability of speed reading. One must ask the question, "What's his secret?". Well, he appeared on Fox News in 2009 reading super fast. Let's take a look:

He wasn't speed reading; he was photoreading. His eyes were centered on the middle of the page as he swiped through as quickly as possible. Now it seems official, right? PhotoReading seems like the real deal, but let's not stop just yet. Let's look deeper into this.

How Does PhotoReading Work?

The idea behind it all is that your brain takes a mental picture of the page infront of you and sends it to your subconscious; and, with enough practice, you can "unlock" the subconscious and obtain all the information on the page. This is obtained through hours and hours of practice, with pre-reading and after-reading rituals which inlcude forms of exercise and meditation. This is where things get weird, though. The meditation has been shrouded in mysticism and some even claim it's voodoo. This has been strongly pitched in Paul Scheele's book, "Photoreading, 3rd Edition".

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Photoreading Is a Scam

There's no simpler way to put it. Even NASA came down hard on it after releasing the results of it's own study. Does this meaning Howard Berg isn't the worlds fastest reader? That's for you to judge. But one thing's obvious, photoreading does not work.