As I watched Tim interviewed by Diane Sawyer, it was amazing, as this man would give credit to God for his status in life.   It would have been so easy to take the credit, but he does not do that.  He even mentions how his team is a great part of their winning. He is definitely a team player. It takes a humble person to profess on national television what you believe in.   I do admire him for that.

I really liked the fact that he is not ashamed to bow down on his knees at the game and pray to God.  Have we seen any other players that are willing to do that?  I thought this was so refreshing to see a young football player professing his love for God.  You do not see this very often.   There are times Christians are in a restaurant and ashamed to bow their heads in prayer.  This has been a discussion among several of my friends in the past.  Possibly, it was not a good idea to take prayer out of school.   This brings to remembrance when I was on a school field trip recently.   As I sat at the table, I lowered my head and prayed aloud softly over the food.   I did not expect others to pray with me.  To my amazement, all the loud talking had ceased and I heard all of these “Amen’s.”  

There was discussion that Tim had not won all of his games.  That does not matter, because people do not realize that you will not necessarily win all the time.  That still does not stop you from thanking God, because you recognize that God is in control no matter what.  Sometimes people do not realize that something that was new will eventually become old.     That is a part of life.   We do not live forever in this world.   

Besides this, Tim is a professed virgin.   He believes in waiting for that special someone before having sexual relations.  Whoever she is, will be a lucky woman when he decides to wed.

On The View Television Show, they mentioned that people might have a problem with Tim   getting on his knees thanking God because he professes his religion.  This is America.  Tim has a right to profess his Christianity and his love for God. Tim does this on National Television.   There are so many that are afraid to profess their faith, because they worry what people will think.  Apparently, Tim does not worry about that.   He stands up for what he believes and does not care who knows it.  He does it in a humble and yet bold way.

Miss Goldberg asked, “What is wrong with thanking Jesus?”  “People do it all the time.” 

I commend Tim, because he is not afraid to profess his religion and definitely not afraid to openly pray to God.   This is a great example for young people to follow.  [2656][2657]