A lot of people are really asking the question, does reverse osmosis remove fluoride, and at the same time, remove all those microscopic fragments, sediments and other impurities? There are actually opposing opinions regarding the presence of fluoride in drinking water. Some people say that fluoride has a positive effect on humans, so you should not separate it from water. On the other hand, others would make a contradictory statement saying that fluoride should be removed.


The process by which fluoride is actually added to water is called fluoridation. Some concerned citizens brought out the point that too much fluoride content in public drinking water will eventually lead to fluorosis. It is a kind of dental irregularity, which is very likely to manifest in kids. This is also the reason why most households prefer to use the RO or reverse osmosis system to eradicate excessive fluoride in water.


During the earlier stages of fluorosis, you will notice lines or marks on a kid’s teeth. If not acted upon at the earliest oppurtune time, this could lead to an acute stage where there will be massive discoloration of the teeth coupled by occurence of cracks in the teeth. The worst part is, fluorosis affects small kids ages 1 to 4. This is the period when the teeth of the child is very fragile because it is still in its developing stage.


Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Fluoride?


Reverse osmosis system is what you should install in your water line if you want to prevent fluorosis from attacking your small kids. While it is true that there are benefits of fluoride in the water you drink, too much quantity is not good. The best thing that you can do is to go through the complex processes of water filtration. You should see to it that your kids are safe, more so with the water and the food they ingest.


The following are the most common methods by which you can get rid of fluoride in water: Reverse osmosis, defluoridation using a specialized kind of filter, and filtration of microbes through the process of distillation. While it is true that the RO system will require a large sum of money on your part, you will also be using the same for a very long period of time. There is no need for you to spend money on mineral water or bottled drinking water.


Contrary to the belief of many, you cannot remove fluoride even if you boil your drinking water. Boiling will only intensify the strength of the fluoride. There are also those people who prefer to freeze their water, apparently to get rid of the fluoride content, but you should know that boiling and freezing does not affect nor even lead to the reduction of the fluoride content.


So, does reverse osmosis remove fluoride? The only way by which you can completely do away with fluoride is if you go through the RO filtration. The health of your family is and will always be your paramount concern, so never hesitate to get one for your home.