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You may have heard it before; smoking and weight loss. However, the biggest question has always remained; does smoking help you lose weight? Can you lose your appetite as a result of smoking cigarettes? Let’s have a comprehensive look at all you needed to know about smoking and weight loss.

First and foremost, cigarette smoking can result in dire health problems including lung cancer and in some instances death. It is for this reason that smoking is not always recommended as way start a weight loss program.

Nonetheless, cigarette smoking can actually help you shed off extra pounds in more than one way but you have to be mindful of the risks and benefits involved. Cigarette smoking is known to cause damage to taste buds since they are laced with chemicals which coat the taste buds.

This results to a loss in appetite owing to the inhibition of the taste buds functionality. The food therefore becomes tasteless and less enjoyable. Loss of appetite means eating less and by extension weight loss. Research has shown that nicotine contained in cigarettes suppresses appetite. Therefore, the more you smoke the less food you eat. 

Studies have also found out that excessive deposits of nicotine in the blood can lead to kidney disease and heighten the risk of heart disease.

Does smoking help you lose weight? Yes it does but it is imperative to mention that once you have decided to quit smoking one of the withdrawal signs you are likely to face include appetite stimulation.

Smoking for weight lossCredit: clearminds.wordpress.com Smoking is also known to increase the metabolic rate, though slightly. This means that smoking helps you burn more calories. However, you may have to decide whether the 100 to 200 calories burnt daily as a result of smoking are worth the risking a heart disease. 

While smoking may make you lose some weight, you may have to attend a rehabilitation center to help you quit. There are also medications that be taken upon prescription to help you quit. It is imperative to mention that you need to consult a physician before embarking on such medications.

He or she will assess your current health status and advice you accordingly. Does smoking help you lose weight? The information provided above deeply delves into this matter and certainly answers all you ever wanted to know about this question. For further insights don’t hesitate to consult a reputable doctor or nutritionist

Cabbage Diet Soup…We have looked at cigarette and weight loss. One thing came out clearly, while you may lose weight through smoking, it’s not without health risk. Therefore you may want to lose weight through other ways that don’t present risks presented by smoking while helping you drop off some pounds. One of the ways to lose weight fast is through crush diets. One proven crush diet is the cabbage soup diet.

Does the cabbage soup diet workCredit: voices.yahoo.com Does the Cabbage Soup Work?... Before we answer this question, it’s important to state that cabbage soup diet is easy to prepare and you can eat as much soup as you want any time you want to. You can refer to health and nutrition magazines, websites and blogs to get the cabbage soup diet recipe but there are very few variations to the original diet. 

To answer the above question, cabbage soup diet actually works. So prevailing is this diet that you can shed off up to 10 pounds in one week! If you want to lose weight for a special occasion or for some other reasons, you may want to consider placing yourself under the cabbage soup diet. 

While it’s not debatable that you can lose weight with cabbage soup diet, the loss is not permanent. This means that if you don’t put other healthy living measures into place, sooner or later you will go back to your old weight. Some of the habits you need to incorporate in your everyday life include getting into a regular exercise regimen and eating a balanced diet.

How to Succeed on a Quick Weight Loss Diet… There is a lot of false information going around about quick loss diet and how to be successful. It is for this reason we sought to answer the question; does smoking help lose weight earlier on. This was meant to separate the myths and facts. In order to be successful with weight loss diets you need to embark on a diet plan for weight loss. This will help you adhere to the strict requirements that come with weight loss diets. To make sure that you don’t end up disappointed here are some tips on how to succeed with a quick loss diets that you will need to know:

>>>> Keep off carbohydrates and kick start the weight loss program with a diet rich in protein.

>>>> Keep off fats.

>>>> Skipping meals will only mean that you will end up thinner. You shouldn’t skip meals.

>>>> Keep off white foods.

>>>> Watch the calories intake.

How to lose weight in thighsCredit: www.bodyenlightenment.me How to Lose Weight in Thighs… Contrary to what many women think it’s not a daunting task to lose thigh fat. However, losing thigh fat can only be successfully done with a combination of diet programs and exercise regimens. Getting in shape means eating the correct food items which by extension mean you will lose weight in every part of the body. If you are on the quest on losing a few pounds in your thighs and every other part of the body need to learn a few things. Here they are...

>>>> Your thighs are better off with some exercises.

>>>> Watch what you eat. Eat a well-balanced diet and maintain healthy eating habits.

>>>> Dehydrate while limiting excessive sweats from the liquid diet.

>>>> Maintain physical health.

These tips will make sure you are well toned and keep you in great shape.

The quest to lose weight can be hectic especially if you don’t know where to start and what to do. Sticking to weight loss plans is very essential in keeping your weight in check. Be sure you have all your facts correct before embarking on a particular weight loss program. And for those still asking; does smoking help you lose weight? You better refer to the introductory paragraphs of this article to have your question answered.