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Although it is rather easy freezy, the name for this instant slushy maker is actually "Squeezy Freezy"  and despite the fact that it is an as seen on tv product, this thing actually works! 

I know, I know... We have all been enticed to purchase as seen on tv products because they just look so dang good, but after we get them into our hands, we realize that some of them are nothing more than a piece of junk.  I was hoping this wasn't the case when it came to the Squeezy Freezy and luckily for me and my kids... it wasn't. 

Prior to purchasing the Squeezy Freezy for myself, I heard varying reviews about whether this thing worked or not so I took a look at customer reviews of Squeezy Freezy on Amazon.  Some folks loved it and some folks said that they couldn't get it to work at all.  I'm not sure why there is such a wide array of opinions, but I had no problem with it and my kids love it!

This slushy maker works by transforming any cold sugary liquid into a slushy instantly.  Well that is what it claims on the commercial anyway, and it does make a slushy.  Not quite instantly, but overall, this little gadget works pretty well. 

Making slushies with this gadget is pretty easy as long as you follow a few simple steps.  (Don't worry, no hoops to jump through here)

  1. Place the container in the freezer for about 4 hours to make sure it is frozen solid. 
  2. After it is frozen, place cold sugary liquid inside.  It holds about 8 ounces and can be filled with soda, chocolate milk, coffee, etc.
  3. Let liquid to sit in the cup for a minute or two until it has a chance to begin to freeze up on the edges. 
  4. Then simply squeeze, squeeze, squeeze the container and there you have it.....  a yummy slushy!

My kids really like making them with chocolate milk, and I usually veer toward using Dr. Pepper in mine, but you can pretty much choose anything that is sugary. 

Oh... I forgot to mention, you are NOT supposed to use diet drinks in this thing.  Not sure why that is, but it may not work correctly if you do. 

Wondering where the best place is to try one of these for yourself?  Athough the Squeezy Freezy is an 'as seen on tv' product, you can find them for sale on their website (  but you don't have to purchase it there if you don't want to.  If you are more of an offline shopper, you can find them for sale in several retail stores, like: Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc.  I am more of an online shopper and I found them on Amazon at a great price, so that is where I got mine.


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