Teeth Whitening doesn’t hurt but it can cause your teeth and gums to become extra sensitive.  The procedure itself is pretty non-invasive.  A whitening solution, normally hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is held against the teeth for a period of time so that the teeth can be bleached.  It is the solution itself which causes gum irritation or tooth sensitivity.

If you are worried about the slight sensitivity that may be caused by getting your teeth whitened you might think about starting with the over the counter options.  The kits that you can buy in any drug store, department store, or grocery store use a weaker solution than the one that you will get at a dentist.  They range in price from around $20 to $100 dollars.  If you have no adverse affects from these you could then consider using the dentist when your teeth need to be whitened again.

Teeth whitening isn’t a permanent thing.  It’ll have to be done repeatedly if you decide that you want to keep the results.  How long it will last is determined by your oral hygiene and how much food and drink you consume that could cause staining.  Once you’ve had the procedure done once you will then know what to expect from your own teeth and gums.  If the discomfort is minor or nonexistent you might just want to keep those pearly whites.  If you have a low tolerance for discomfort it might not be worth it to you.  If you can identify exactly what you will be sensitive too you can avoid those things (cold, hot, or whatever) until the discomfort subsides.

I guess the answer to “Does teeth whitening hurt very much?” depends on who you are and how high a pain tolerance you have.  Some people will find the sensitivity to be painful while others will just shrug it off as nothing.  That feels like a wishy-washy answer but it is what it is.