Acheiving Weight Loss With The Ketosis Diet

How Does the Ketosis Diet Work?

Do you want to reduce the likelihood that your body will turn what you eat into fat?  If so then the Ketosis Diet is right for you!

You see the body is a complex machine and is designed by nature to follow given principles on whether to use to food that you consume for energy or to store that food for later as body fat.  The body stores fat as a defense mechanism which was programmed into your DNA when humans came to inhabit the earth.  The purpose of storing fat is that in case of a famine the body can use the stored fat as reserves until another food source can be found.

This defenses mechanism worked fine in the caveman days but today the same principles have caused many people to become obese and unhealthy.

How the Body Stores Fat

How the body works is that energy is required to keep up the Start diet todayCredit: by Alan Cleaver, on Flickroperating systems of the body functioning.  Those operating systems control things such as the brain, the heart and blood, muscular movements, and the healing of the body.  This energy required comes from 1 of 2 sources:

  1. The food we consume; or
  2. Our body's cells (fat, muscles, etc)

Whether we gain or lose weight comes down to a simple question:

"Do you consume more calories than you expend?"

If we take in more calories through eating food (either in the amount of food we eat or the calories of the food we eat) than our body needs to do the activities required then the body will store the excessive calories as fat so they can be used later.

On the flip side, if we expend more calories than we take in through eating then our body will make up the difference by breaking the fat cells in your body down so that they may be used for energy.

It really comes down to a zero-sum game... you body needs to function so it is going to get its energy from somewhere.

What is interesting about this zero-sum game is that your body can be fooled into storing energy as fat even though you are consuming fewer calories.  This occurs only on the short-term of things, because if you adhere to the principle of eating fewer calories than you expend then you will lose weight.

The Ketosis Diet and The Glycemic Index

The Ketosis Diet is sometimes referred to the low Glycemic Index (GI) Diet because the principles are the same.  The Glycemic Index is a measure of how easily a food can increase the amount of blood sugar in your system after eating it.

Why do we care about blood sugar levels?

The reason blood sugar levels are so important is because if you pump a lot of sugar into the blood stream at once then the liver responds by secreting insulin which helps neutralize the blood sugar to bring it back down to a normal level.  This is the same mechanism in which diabetics suffer issue from.... the unwillingness of the body to regulate blood sugar levels by secreting insulin.

There is an adverse effect to having insulin produced.... it puts your body into "fat saving mode".

A study was done with mice in a lab where they fed one group of mice a high Glycemic Index (GI) Diet and another group a low Glycemic (GI) Diet.  At the end of 40 weeks the results were in:

The high GI diet group had 40% greater body fat than the low GI diet group!

Pretty shocking results I know.....  If you want to read the research paper itself then please see the link to the resource.[6496]

Starting the Ketosis Diet (Glycemic Index)

So by now you are convinced that eating foods with a lower Glycemic Index can help you reprogram your body to not store fat as easily.

How can you get started?

The first thing you should always do is consult a doctor!  Alwasy be safe.

The second thing you can do is educate yourself on what kind of foods have a low Glycemic Index.  Just Google "Glycemic Index Food" and you will find a who bunch of sources to help you figure out what kinds of food you need to consume.

The next thing you can do is to purge your pantry and refrigerator of everything that has a high Glycemic Index such as white bread and anything that says "bleached".  A lot of the processed foods have very high GI and will turn to sugar as soon as it is digested.

One last thing you can do... buy a great Glycemic Index cookbook and try new recipes.  It is very easy to quit an eating plan if the food does not appeal to you.  Make a resolution that you will give the Ketosis Diet a try for 30 days and stick to it.

Best of luck and healthy eating!