Does The Secret Work?
Credit: The Italian Voice (cc)

If you're like most people who've watched that ubiquitous documentary celebrating the law of attraction force, you've probably wondered if “The Secret” actually works. There are a lot of lovely law of attraction stories, but it's a difficult concept to take on face value and celebrity testimony. Understanding the fundamentals of the law of attraction is necessary before any real benefits that emerge from LOA techniques can be understood.


Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

Would it be corny to say “It works if you work it?” The reality is, most folks are intensely inspired by “The Secret” movie but get lost in the details. The movie itself did a decent job describing the force of like-attracts-like, but it left a great many people confused about how to make the law work for their interests. Two incredibly important points that needed substantial emphasis concern both the matters of true desire and the inhibiting function of doubt.

When you're able to identify what you truly want, you can engage your heart with intensity and enjoy a substantial store of energy to power through doubt. Doubt can create intricate blockages and obstacles if it's allowed to run rampant. It's the primary block that prevents some law of attraction efforts from working


Identifying What You Truly Want

The likelihood that you'll successfully manifest something you don't deeply desire is slim. Our law of attraction focuses depend on a certain amount of thrust to propel them into the ether. The more deeply we yearn for them, without doubt, the more our attention and focus attracts our desires to us. Couple the natural core of that process with intentional focus, and you have a recipe for manifesting that can create an experience emerged from the manifester's literal dreams.


Removing Doubt

Doubt is the great paralyzer. Some of us find ourselves locked into its fear force more than others, but everyone has to learn to throw it off of the energy field and rip its tentacles from the mind sooner or later. The simplest method may end up being the most effective in cases where doubt rears its challenging head. Switch your thoughts immediately to the best case scenario and will yourself to “feel” the success of your desires realized.

The practice of redirection can be applied to more than your law of attraction operations. It should become a regular method for keeping your thoughts in a higher state. Our thoughts are at the foundation of our reality. Only we can make the firm decision to ensure that they are optimal. With that decision comes persistent work.


Building Persistent Thoughtforms

Balancing persistence and detachment is a tricky thing, but it's completely doable. The strongest manifestations have repetition backing them. One of the easiest methods you can use to aid your efforts are affirmations and symbolic images you see everyday, multiple times a day. The usual rules apply when you're crafting your affirmations. Keep them in the present tense: “I am...”, “I have...,” and “I appreciate...”

Choose symbols that you can incorporate into your regular routine. If you're working with animal totems to enhance your receptivity, for example, you can place stickers of dolphins on coffee mugs, imprint the images of seahorses or octopi with stencils, and similar. The more you see the reality you're tapping into to become more serene, the sooner your psyche will allow a more receptive program into your auric field.